hi I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I hope you start a new fitness
routine and keep it up for the rest of
your life so today we’re gonna talk
about talent do you need to be talented
you do not need to be talented a lot of
times talent will actually work against
now what do I mean by that sometimes if
you’re talented at something and it
comes to easy what happens is when
things difficult a lot of people give up
so if a lot of things come easy to you
what happens you don’t have the
resilience you don’t have the discipline
you don’t have the you’re not used to
delayed gratification right and that’s
why it’s very important like with
children as soon as they’re thirsty you
can’t give them something to drink as
soon as they’re hungry you can’t give
them food as soon as they’re bored you
can’t give them a device to play with
they have to learn to wait I am NOT
saying to starve your child what I’m
saying is if you do not delay
gratification and they have Instagram if
they’re an adult they are screwed
because everything worthwhile is delay
gratification right eating properly
losing weight being healthy being fit
investing education everything takes
time everything worthwhile is the good
relationships everything is delayed
gratification so make sure you’re used
to delayed gratification now what am I
talking about back to talent when you’re
too talented certain things that’s
opposite of delayed gratification so you
want things not to come easy the value
of something is generally determined on
the difficulty on how is how it is
attained okay the value of something is
usually determined on the difficulty of
how it is attained think of anything
that’s valuable to you right if
something that doesn’t come easy it
doesn’t something it’s not something
that comes easy so when it comes to
health and fitness you do not need to be
talented in fact it will usually work
against you now can it help you of
course again right but talent in terms
of anything is a small part of it so it
takes about 10,000 hours to master
something 10 hours
10,000 hours of actively doing something
to master something so what do you get
with those 10,000 hours with those
10,000 hours
you become tenacious you become tough
you learn discipline you get used to
delayed gratification you learn to live
with a little bit of suffering you learn
to live with difficulty those are all
assets those are all assets that you
want into your life you don’t want to
avoid those things because it is part of
life if you do not have those abilities
life is gonna eat you up you don’t
believe it or not you do not want things
to be easy trying to find ways to are
trying to find easier ways of doing
things can sometimes work against you
unless you have all those other things I
talked about time management focus
discipline so what you want is you want
to attain those things you want to
attain those things and there’s only one
way to attain those things and that is
by things being difficult not being
talented and working through it
so if you’re one of those people who are
not working out yet because you do not
feel talented if you’re one of those
people you feel like giving up on
working out because you don’t feel
talented and you’re not good at it you
don’t have to be good at working out to
be fit okay I’m gonna say that again you
do not have to be good at it to be
healthy and fit you just have to do it
I’m changing your default change your
way of thinking who cares if you’re good
at something or not all that matters is
that you’re doing it and you slowly
progress that’s why we don’t compare and
compete with others so if you need help
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this please share we do videos like this
every day because we want people to
start working out and to never stop ok
that’s it I am out

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