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Now when it comes to core exercises, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds are the good ol’ planks, and I have never heard squeals of joy when the next exercise is plank being announced. Yet, a strong core is vital not only to our overall physical functional well being, but also extremely important for your aesthetics as well. This is why at Richmond Crux Fitness the personal trainers try to incorporate core exercises into your routines as much as possible.

What is this “Core” you ask? they are muscles that are deep underneath your abs that surround and support your trunk, spine as well pelvis, so it is involved in almost literally every activity you perform physically!

Here’s 9 big reasons why you will WANT to do some core exercises at your next workout sessions (you will probably still groan will doing them though):

  1. let’s start with a common one: core strength is EXTREMELY vital for a good posture, and that has an effect on both our physical functional well being and how we look. The abs and core are important part to help with a neutral spine. So you know the arching of your lower back due to sitting for a long time that causes you aches from time to time? A weak core could be a big part of the reason
  1. You can be stronger. How can you perferm your best and lift heavy when you don’t have a solid balanced foundation? You need to have a solid core built up in order to utilize the muscles you want to use for other exercises that target other muscle groups effectively, safely, and efficiently. Please talk to a Richmond Crux Fitness trainer to see if you would benefit from more core workouts.
  1. Could help with lower back pain. Ties in with the first point, as lower back pain could be due to tight lower back muscles or a weak core/ab muscles, which causes incorrect posture that leads to pain if left unchecked.
  1. This ties in with point 2: a strong core helps prevent injuries, from deadlifts to even burpees! Weak core muscle not only can result in more fatigue, but also put unwanted strain in your lower back in the downward phase of a pushup or burpee, and the lift off for dead lifts for example.
  1. You look and feel more confident. Say what? that’s right, when you have great core strength that helps you get that upright, straight back chest open posture you look less timid and much more confident! I mean, would you feel very confident with arched back and rounded shoulders?
  1. Tightens and flattens the stomach…and everyone. I mean EVERYONE wants a flat stomach right? The deeper abdominal muscles that make the the core will tighten and pull the abs inward as they contract and strengthen, making your abs more toned, flat and defined overall. So next time before you start groaning when you hear a Richmond Crux Fitness trainer mentions a core exercise is coming next, think about that!
  1. Be better at…well all physical activities! Be it regular daily activity like bending down to pick up an item, or running, or playing sports; a strong core will allow you to do those more effortlessly!
  1. You’ll actually breathe easier! The core muscle strength can translate into better and stronger breathing muscles, which allows easier breathing as your diaphragm will be positioned as well as utilized properly and efficiently.
  1. Best of all, most core exercises don’t really require gym equipment! You can be doing these everywhere you go! Now you don’t have an excuse to NOT workout during your vacation or even when you have to stay in the office late or the weather forces you to stay home! Come ask a Richmond Crux Fitness trainer to teach you how to do some of the best core exercises that you can then perform at your leisure on your own!

And now you know the importance of strengthening and working your core, think about these reasons next time a core exercise comes up for you to do before you groan!

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