During my years as a child, I was NOT fit and I hated exercise with a passion. I was that kid that would walk during PE class when everyone would go out for a jog.

So how did this lazy little girl become passionate about fitness?

I am not going to lie, my journey began because I was sick of being “fat” and I wanted to look good! I didn’t understand the concept of feeling good yet, but the most important thing was not looking like a total slob in the mirror.

I started hitting up the local community centre and hopped on the treadmill and began to take some action. Over time I realized that this is REALLY boring and I couldn’t take another minute of this mind numbing activity. So I enlisted some guy friends and learned how to do some basic weights.

Once I started incorporating weight training with a side of cardio, I was in love! It felt so empowering to crush weights a the gym. However over time again it became extremely repetitive to me and I needed a change of pace.

I started to look into classes that were offered locally and got to work. The more exercises/classes that I tried, the more I realized that different styles of working out improved a lot of different aspects of my life.


It definitely took some time for me to fall in love with yoga. Yoga is a well balanced exercise that improves strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and mental clarity.

In the beginning it was extremely difficult because I did not have the mental strength to hold a pose for so long. I absolutely love that it has taught me to stay focused and smile or breathe through the difficulty. I especially love yin yoga, which is a slow paced yoga with lots of breath work and deep stretching. The deep stretching helped me so I could perform normal daily life functions again (at one point I was so tight I could barely sit properly without my back hurting).

Weight Lifting

The more I immersed myself into weight lifting, the more I found myself feeling stronger, more limber, better energy, and my vitals were improving. Call me shallow, but it made my body look absolutely fantastic and I love feeling swole.

It really just brings up my mood as a whole and I love the thrill of smashing heavy weights. It makes me feel very accomplished after a session and I never regret going.


I have always wanted to dance so I looked into local dance classes. Now, I can proudly say that I no longer have 2 left feet. Dancing worked wonders for my coordination, agility, and cardio. Sessions usually run for 45-50 minutes and when you take into consideration that your body is moving 90% of that time. It is A LOT of dancing! I couldn’t believe it only took a few classes for my body to adjust to the high level of cardio I was doing.

These are my top 3 exercise routines that had made me fall in love with fitness. I’ve tried many other classes such as pilates, spin, swimming. I’ve even tried outdoor sports such as soccer or hiking. It’s all a matter of trying and finding the things that you have the most fun in.

This is what is going to help you stay active and consistent with your fitness.

Until next time,
– Clara Coelho, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond
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