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Why Exercise? Is It Even Worth It?

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Fitness has been an ongoing trend in the last two decades from weight training to yoga to zumba classes. Most people know the basic benefits of exercise such as improved health and a “better body”, but do they know the other “hidden benefits” of exercise? Below are three.

Boosts your mood

During exercise, high energy levels increase the amount of endorphins found in the body. These are chemicals that regulate happiness. These chemicals will interact with receptors in the brain to reduce the perception of pain and thus, a person, after exercising, will experience more feelings of positivity and happiness. A qualified personal trainer can describe the mechanics behind this.

Improves memory

A study in the University of British Columbia discovered that people who took part in regular exercise such as walking or lifting weights saw an improvement in their memory retention. More specifically, people who exercised saw an improvement in verbal memory rather than spatial memory. A good personal trainer can explain this benefit in more detail.

Become harder to kill

If you are exercising, whether it be weight training or yoga, you are physically improving yourself in multiple facets. You are demanding your muscles to work harder and to improve your body as a functional unit. Becoming strong is a process but once completed you will be bulletproof. You will be faster, more explosive and coordinated. If a zombie apocalypse ever occurs, you will already have the upper hand in surviving with these physical qualities. The best personal trainer can train you to become bulletproof.

By Marco Ng, Crux Fitness
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