hi my name is Dennet i’m the perpetual
fitness expert i help people start a new
fitness routine so they can keep it up
for a lifetime

so what am I gonna talk about today?
‘m gonna talk about “pressure”

pressure because I had a client
the other day asked me about this, again
they are getting confused
cuz they hear pressure is good, and then I
tell them that you don’t want to have a
deadline for that kind of pressure

and I said to him, you got to be careful, I said
because, again, don’t take something and
make it an absolute.

sometimes we apply it to one thing when we need to                                                                                        apply to another, and then he brought up
that old famous quote, I can’t remember who even said it…
you know, “pressure creates diamonds”
right! pressure creates diamonds, pressure
is good!

so he’s saying, so doesn’t that
mean deadline is good because it creates

and I said well I believe
when is the deadline? I said for me for
perpetual fitness, deadline ,the deadline
is the rest of your life. which means
it’s a long period of time. so going
along with that quote how are diamonds
made? diamonds are made with pressure
over a long period of time.

he was talking about a deadline like a month or
three months of losing weight and I said
to him that as a short period of time I
said you know what happens with pressure
over a short period of time?

that doesn’t create diamonds, that creates dust that
creates dust. you get crushed.

so again, pressure. this is the key, you
don’t want to use pressure to see
results, we do not see results right away.
especially when it comes to fitness. you
want to use pressure to take action.
use deadlines and use pressure
to take action, do not use pressure and
deadlines when it comes to fitness, to
see results. again unless you’re going in
a competition where there’s like a
marathon or there’s a… I don’t know, a
deadline in terms of our performance, a
sporting event, those kind of things, or
or a bodybuilding event. that’s different.

for perpetual fitness, I believe that
creating pressure and a deadline short
term actually works against most of us.

so again pressure long-term creates
diamonds pressure short-term creates

that’s it for today if that
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I am out

Dennet Lee is the owner of Crux Fitness

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