alright I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual
fitness expert I help you start a new
fitness routine so you can keep it up
for the rest of your life
we just need reasons to start or we need
reasons to continue that’s it that’s it
so whatever you’re telling yourself
those stories are either making you not
do it or those stories are about to make
you quit or you’re telling yourself
inspirational stories to get you started
or you’re telling yourself inspirational
stories to keep it up so today I’m gonna
tell you one of my favorite stories this
is this is what I’ve been saving because
it’s one of my favorite ones I just work
at a big box gym and there’s a guy there
you know relatively fit you know good
definition good muscle tone symmetry
proportion posture right all the good
stuff and he had a barbecue I was like
okay yeah sure he fighted me went there
and I did not know that he had a twin
brother and identical twin brother right
so this work is interesting
it was like looking at a living before
and after picture it blew my mind when I
saw he had a brother at first I thought
it was just a brother right I thought
okay that’s just his older brother cuz
he looked you know seven ten years older
and then he introduced him as his twin
brother and I’m like damn holy they
they looked about 10 years different in
age they both I believed I believe
worked for Canada Post so they had the
same job and that was revolutionary for
me that was revolutionary for you I just
started working out and I was not yet
quite a trainer yet so we’re going back
quite far but all that did I see a
before and after picture to get that so
later on I inquired yes there are
Danakil twins I didn’t want to ask that
from the other point cuz I don’t want to
again make him feel bad thinking what
you can’t be identical look at you – you
look completely different so anyway
after I found out they’re identical
twins what did that teach me what does
that tell you I I wish I had a picture
of these two guys I could put it up and
I wish I had permission to do it just
again not to make the one twin feel bad
but to inspire as many other as people
as much as I was inspired when I saw it
so they both work for Canada Post same
job make the same amount of money have
the same mother and father have the same
genetics have this are the same age and
look at the difference look at the
difference the only difference was one
was working out and one was not which I
found even more fascinating
I hear twins are so synergistic like
whatever like their soul they think and
do you think so similarly so I just
thought it’s interesting that one worked
out on one dinner Wow anyway so one was
eating somewhat properly I mean I don’t
know how what his diet was like I mean
had the barbecue he was enjoying himself
just like I like to enjoy myself a
barbecue again we do not restrict when
you want to enjoy enjoy but when you
want when you want to be good be good so
anyway what am I trying to tell you guys
for all of you who have trouble starting
and for all of you who have trouble
continuing the difference between those
two twins and nothing to do with
genetics and had nothing to do with age
it had nothing to do with being busy or
not having the time they both had
families the only difference in the
terms of how they look their energy how
they felt their body their appearance of
their age was one was working out and
one was gone I will never forget that
and that would be one of the reasons why
I will always work out every day because
which twin do you want to be which
version of you do you want to be which
version of you do you want to be and
it’s not what you do that matters and a
lot of people say what you do matters
it’s not what you do that matters is
what you do often what you do often that
matters what you do often that matters
if you do something good once in a blue
moon and your bad habits are daily which
wins which wins so again I always I
always promote this I’m not saying to
have no bad habits
I’m not saying perfection because I
think some people that’s what they hear
in their head first of all that’s
impossible second of all that’s no fun
all I’m saying is do things that serve
you do things that make you feel better
do things for your health invest in your
future investing your money invest in
how you your well-being more often than
you do things that damage yourself
alright so if you need help starting
click the link below if you need help
continuing click the link below we do
videos like this every day because we
want as many as people to start and
continue to workout as often impossible
as possible and we know it is not the
technique that matters it’s not the diet
plan or the technique it is what you
were telling in your head to start or
what your tongue in your head to
continue that gets you going right I
don’t care what kind of activity you do
it doesn’t have to be in a gym you can
do anything you can go outside for a run
but as long as you’re doing it and doing
it often that is all that matters
ok that’s it I am out

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