One of many questions we get when us trainers get a new client is “what should I wear to the gym?” Most clients can figure this part out – breathable T-shirt and a pair of shorts or athletic pants. But what shoes are most appropriate? We can dive into this topic by discussing about what shoes to wear to target different types of training. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond to see what shoes they wear. Note that regardless of the shoes I recommend in this article, comfort is king. Be sure that the shoes you choose to wear are comfortable and safe.

Heavy squats or deadlift training

Building those legs and glutes are an absolute must and depending on the footwear you choose to wear can affect the gains. The type of shoes you should aim to wear is stiff sole shoes. These shoes almost imitate the floor when you lift; almost like you are lifting barefoot. This allows maximum force production of the body through the foot and into the floor WITHOUT losing any power into the shoe. Stiffness is critical because you do not want any stability issues during a big lift. Safety is first. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond to see what shoes they wear for squats or deadlifts.

Lifting shoes I do NOT recommend are Nike Flex running shoes or any soft soles shoes. As safety is our biggest concern, these shoes provide poor support as you lift. You want shoes that provide support and allow you to have confidence as you lift a heavy weight. Secondly, power is lost through a soft sole shoe. In other words, you are working harder to lift the same amount of weight. You want ALL of your power devoted towards lifting the weight.

Lifting shoes I do recommend are traditional powerlifting shoes or Converse Chuck Taylors. The soles on these shoes are very stiff and provide a lot of support. Safety and power transfer are covered with these shoes so I highly recommend purchasing a pair for heavy squats or deadlift days.

Long distance running

With this type of training we must always remember that comfort is king. Even if there is a slight discomfort, it will hinder our gains. With long distance running we are in this footwear for a long time – even longer than most training sessions. Comfortable training shoes are a must.

The reason for purchasing a pair of high-quality running shoes is to prevent injuries and prolong running abilities. Again, safety is first. Poor quality running shoes can cause injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and other running injuries. These are caused mainly by stress from running; or simply poor running form. These injuries can be caused by the repetitive impact from running. Thus, proper impact protection is an absolute must when purchasing a pair of running shoes.

I recommend running shoes such as the Nike flyknit. These shoes have a soft sole to absorb any impact from the road or track to prevent any injuries. Also they are very light so it maximizes performance. Note that I am only speaking in terms of relatively flat road or tracking running and not trail running.

General training/cross training

Individuals who choose to wear this type of shoes are quite athletic. They may not lift the heaviest of weights or run the longest distances, but they are very athletic and can move efficiently. Safety and comfort is still the top two concerns. We must choose footwear that fulfills these two requirements.

The shoes recommended for this type of training is almost a blend of the two types of shoes listed above. They hold a moderate amount of stability but needs to be light enough for efficient movement. Individuals with this type of footwear need to be able to jump, climb, crawl and perform other unorthodox movements.

I would recommend the Reebok Crossfit Nano shoes (any edition) for this type of training. It holds a moderate amount of sole stiffness but allows for quick explosive movements when called upon. I wear these shoes personally for cross training purposes and they get the job done. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond to see what cross training shoes they wear.

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