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What is your Fitness Goal? The Most Common Question You Hear from Fitness Professionals

When we enter any fitness facility, we’re often approached by the staff and asked the question “What is your fitness goal?” Then we think “Why are they asking me this?” or give some generic answers such as “I want to lose weight” or “I want to build more muscles”. 


Those are the generic answers; however they’re not enough to keep people motivated to workout consistently. Since we are not consistent in exercising, we won’t be able to lose any weight or build muscle at all. 


The Truth 

The reason the generic answers like these don’t motivate us is because we don’t really want to lose weight or build muscles, there’s more a reason behind those generic answers. I always told people that I wanted to become bigger, practically meaning I wanted to pack on some muscle since I was a skinny guy as a kid. The honest and motivating meaning behind this was that I wanted to look bigger and become more confidence to get with more girls. I MEAN WHAT GIRL WOULD WANT TO BE WITH A SHORT SCRAWNY GUY WITH LOW SELF-ESTEEM.


The Journey

As I entered this health and fitness journey, it started filled with pain as my body was not used to all the weight training and healthy eating. However, as I got more and more into the journey, my body adapted and felt less groggy. My reason to change my body and mind was more than enough to keep myself moving forward. I was filled with energy from all the adrenaline and healthy food servings. Also, my self-esteem was boosted with the little goals I achieved along the way; progressing from pushups to bench pressing 225 pounds. When we’re filled with energy and our confidence is sky high, we can transfer that to any aspect of life.


The Results

At first, we would only look at the product of this journey, especially when we only don’t provide an honest answer for the question “What is your fitness goal?” Nevertheless, as we progress through this journey, we realize how far we’ve come and how much we’ve changed. It will be great that lose those couple of pounds or pack on some extra muscles, but that’s not what matters anymore.

What truly matters is that we were able to keep ourselves progressing through this journey because of our true goal!

Remember This: Don’t be generic with your goals, there’s always another reason behind it. A stronger and more meaningful reason that will drive you further.


Stay Strong and Remember You’re Awesome! 

Trainer Keric 

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