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What Happens When You Eat Junk For 2 Weeks Straight?

You want to do it, but you are terrified of the repercussions, I get it. The past month has been a roller coaster – yes trainers go through turbulence too! I have not been mindful or aware of what I have been putting in my body. I’ve realized that two weeks flew by and I have been eating nothing but take out and snacks with minimal time to work out.

YIKES, am I right? So how did this actually affect my mental and my physical when during these two weeks?

  1. Bloating
    I just so happened to have bought a pair of gym leggings right before my junk-food binge. I was wildly disappointed when  I tried to put them on three days after I stopped making healthier choices.The bloating lasted the entire duration of the two weeks and I am still struggling with the discomfort after going back to fasting and eating clean.
  2. Increased Appetite
    Will I ever get full? No matter how many snacks and meals I was packing in, I was constantly hungry. The sugar in the processed snacks and meals was triggering an addictive response and also raising my insulin at irregular levels.So the never ending cycle began, which also took a toll on my digestion and gut health because I never gave it a chance to fully digest and process everything.
  3. Poor Sleep / Low Energy
    Throughout the nights, I would struggle to fall asleep and have bad quality sleep. The high levels of glucose in my system makes me more prone to crashing throughout the day as well.I had been constantly yawning and can feel the apparent lack in energy despite how much I would eat. I definitely had not been making sure that I am fulfilling my daily macronutrient needs. I was probably having way too much simple carbs than my body could handle, which resulted in a lot of sugar crashes.
  4. Bad Skin
    I’ve noticed an increase in oil production on my face which lead to a lot more blemishes. Also, the lack of proper sleep also gave me poor skin complexion that no amount of good skincare could truly hide.The skin on my body also increased in sensitivity and there were dry patches all along my shins and lower back. I’ve always had food sensitivities, so the increase in sugar had triggered an inflammatory response which made my skin itch.
  5. Demotivated
    The biggest thing for me was that instant feeling of demotivation. I stopped feeling like working out because I was so tired, which is going to do the opposite of helping me feel better.Instead, I was skipping the gym and beating myself up looking into the mirror.

So now what?!

Once I realized that my body is going to stay this way until I did something about it, I eased right back in to everything.

The first thing I did was toss out and hide any junk food. Afterwards, I set up a plan to ease back in to working out. The best thing that has worked for me so far was incorporating a light workout or some form of mobility or stretch work EVERY DAY.

It is actually easier to stay active if you do it every day rather than skip days or take huge breaks in between. A little bit of progress a day trumps a full day of hardcore working out and then taking a week off.

The cravings are going to be tough to fend off for a while, but I know that once I start- the easier it is going to get.

Until next time!
– Clara Coelho, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond