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What a Pain in the Neck! Alleviate Neck Pain and Tension for Better Fitness Results

By December 4, 2018April 4th, 2024No Comments

Corrective Exercises to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain

Do you find yourself waking up to an aching neck? Do you feel that “tight” sensation in you neck and shoulders? Does this pain become such a nuisance in your daily activities?

How is this pain caused?

Looks like Mum was right all along, “Don’t slouch on your chair… Stand up straight… Stand up proud… Keep that chin up!”.

If you find it tiring to stand up straight or feel a tight, aching sensation radiating down your neck and shoulders, something is going on that needs to be corrected.

Not all neck and shoulder pains are the same. There are a number of reasons that could be causing the issue and people have different perceptions of how they experience this discomfort or pain. Some people may feel a sharp pain, a numb feeling, a tight or pulling sensation or just some discomfort.

Some of the reasons may include:

Poor sleeping positions
Too many hours spent looking over the PC
Not stretching enough after a workout
Poor posture
Spine or back problems
Emotional Stress
Here’s what you can do

The reality is, there’s no quick-fix. However, here are some exercises you can do every day to help relieve and correct the problem.

Stretch the Chest

Use a pole or a door frame.
1. It should be a small to medium door frame because you need to be able to stretch both your elbows to the outside of the frame.
2. Position your elbows below your shoulder level.
3. With your forearms at a 90 degree angle to your arms, place your hands firmly against the outside of the door frame.
4. Step forward with your right leg, keeping your arms firmly on the door. You should feel a pull in your chest and shoulders. Hold for 60 seconds! You should feel the tight sensation ease before you stop with the stretch.

Neck Stretches

Slowly rotate the head from one side to the other, looking at the direction you are turning to, gradually progressing to see the wall line up with your shoulders. This is a similar exercise to the one in the lying down position. Your neck should stay elongated. Do 10 repetitions every hour when seated.

Side bend:

Carefully bend your head to your shoulder, feeling a gentle stretch in the side muscles of your neck. Repeat on each side.

Extension and flexion:

Slowly bend your head to your chest, leading the movement with your chin. Move the chin first, bringing the head back to the upright position, then gently rolling it backward, looking upward to the ceiling. Again, lead with your chin and return the head to an upright position.

Chin Tuck

1. Keeping the back against a wall, pull the upper back and head back until the back of the head touches the wall. It is important to make sure that the chin is down so that the head is pulled straight back and is not looking up .
2. Hold the head against the wall for 5 seconds.
3. Repeat this ten times.

Prone Cobra

1. Lie face down on the floor with your arms by your side and palms flat on the floor.
2. Keeping your neck in a neutral position, lift up your shoulders, pinching your shoulder blades together and chest off of the floor as you inhale.
3. Exhale and release your chest down to the floor.
4. Repeat this ten times.


Back exercises will tremendously alleviate postural related neck pain. See you later at Crux!