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Ways to hype mental intensity

By October 18, 2018December 10th, 2018No Comments

Ways to hype mental intensity

More often than not, we walk into the gym or a Richmond Fitness Centre class un-motivated, lazy or distracted. We tell ourselves “it’s just not a good day for this”. Or we find excuses such as “I’m tired”, “it’s raining outside” or “I’m just too busy”. So what do we do in these cases? We literally talk ourselves into it. Self-talk is a great psychological strategy to develop a better mental state. Often used in sport psychology, but can be used in daily living as well. Below are a few ways you can use self-talk to your advantage.

1.) Pick a strong mantra.

A mantra is a statement or slogan repeated frequently; almost like a catchphrase. It’s something simple and positive you can repeat over and over during training. An example can be “I feel strong” or “go go go”. With this in your head, your mental intensity should be through the roof. A personal trainer (Richmond) will have a few phrases to motivate clients.

2.) Practice in multiple scenarios.

Make it a habit to practice your mantra in different or unfamiliar settings. For example, at the end your work day when fatigue has hit you hard, repeat your mantra to push you along. The purpose is to have your mantra work as an automatic feature. A personal trainer (Richmond) will engrain this mantra in your head and it will definitely be automatic.

3.) Create a positive mental image or visualization.

Eventually, the words and phrases you come up with should bring along a visual picture of what you intend to do. For example if my task is a heavy deadlift and my mantra is “I feel strong”; then the mental image is of me performing the lift with no difficulty. The combination of image and words creates a positive message tied to a belief.

If you’re looking for motivation or to increase mental intensity, reach out to one of our personal training locations in Richmond, Surrey, and Langley! Go out and get it!


By Marco Ng, Personal Trainer

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