hi I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I help you start a new fitness
routine so we can keep it up for the
rest of your life so today I’m talking
to two types of people there’s only two
types number one you know you’re special
you know you’re special you can see if I
could skip this video you need to hear
it if you know you’re special then you
know to take care of yourself alright
and you know what you need to be doing
and you know what your talents are and
you know how to use your talents to make
your life happier to excel to succeed
this is a thing see a lot of people
think of linking their weaknesses it’s
okay to strengthen your weaknesses but I
think if you really want to succeed you
got to amplify your strengths right like
if you’re really good at one sport right
and you want to go become a professional
athlete you don’t go play other sports
at your crappy ad right stick with a one
sport and Excel in that right that’s
what you supposed to do so anyway on to
the people who do not know you’re
special now here’s the thing we are all
special because we’re all individuals no
two people are the same because even if
we have the same genetic makeup like
your experiences influences thoughts
actions and environment will be
different the only way two people could
be identical even if they’re cloned or
twins is they’d have to have the exact
same routine their entire lives and hang
out the exact same people do the exact
same thing at the exact same time which
is impossible which is impossible so
anyone who’s an individual is special
now here’s the thing if you still don’t
feel special after that here’s something
to know right you don’t gotta be the
smartest you don’t got anything
best-looking you don’t got to be the
fastest or the strongest all you got to
[Music] is be consistent if you become
consistent daily consistent you can
hedge any deficiencies you have in any
of those other areas right consistency
will win right if you think if any one
here here’s the thing you don’t have to
be special you only have to do special
things and what’s the special thing that
very rare very very few people can do is
do things daily like what like perpetual
fitness how many times I’m gonna bring
this up if you workout every day you
don’t gotta be the strongest you don’t
gotta be the most ripped you don’t gotta
be the most Jack the strongest you’re
gonna be anything but if you do it every
day now you are special and now you will
realize you’re special and now that will
translate that well sorry different that
will go into other areas of your life
right if you want to feel special just
do special things that other people are
not doing it doesn’t matter about talent
do you do not need talent at all right
it’s just in your abilities of the way
you think and what you do all right so
that resonated with you please subscribe
if you think someone needs to hear this
please share every single one of you is
remember you are individual and no one
can share the story that you can share
so you look this is what I believe why
are we on this planet you are supposed
to share your individuality and your
individual specific special gifts with
the world
be generous do not keep it to yourself
right you are put on this planet to help
others alright that’s it
I’m out

Dennet Lee is the owner of Crux Fitness

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