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Meet The Team

Meet the team

Crux Fitness in Walnut Grove, Langley, is the leader in Personal Training, Group Training, and Nutrition Coaching.  Helping hundreds of clients to lose weight, lose fat, get lean, get toned, get fit, build muscle, and get healthy.  Book a consultation with us and experience the best Personal Training system.

Personal Trainer Richmond BC

Jason Tam

A Vancouver local, Jason Tam is an ACE-certified personal trainer who appreciates the challenges and rewards of working with people of all backgrounds. Jason knows that every person reacts differently to training methods!

Jason recently chose to transform his life from a 9-to-5 routine to one dedicated to health, fitness and overall well-being. His successful shift to a strong and energetic lifestyle propelled him to inspire and motivate as many people in starting their own life-changing transformations.

With over five years of customer service experience and certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Jason delivers top-notch service and nonstop support to anyone seeking training and nutrition advice. His upbeat attitude, training expertise and passion for fitness all help to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for client personal development.

Also an auto enthusiast, Jason sees parallels between maintaining cars and personal development and growth:

“Maintenance is what preserves value, whether of a body built from metal or one of flesh and bone. Maintain with discipline, and appreciation will follow.”

Personal Trainer Richmond BC

Gary Lee

Gary has always been into fitness. He has been a highly qualified personal trainer since 2012.
Personal Trainer Richmond BC

Jacquelyn Son

Jacquelyn would have never guessed that she would end up with a career in health and fitness. Growing up, she was the non-athletic skinny girl who was always last to be picked for a sports team. It wasn’t until mid-university when she discovered her passion for fitness.

The stress eating was finally catching up to her when she saw that she gained some pounds. It was at that moment when something inside of her shifted and she knew she couldn’t go on that way. If she didn’t change her lifestyle, it would be going down a destructive path. Going through her own transformation gave her a strong desire to help others to do the same. After finishing her Bcom in marketing, she quickly went on to complete her ACE personal training certification one month later. She also went on to complete a health coach certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Having gone through cycles of restrictive dieting and then binging, Jacquelyn can relate to anyone going through similar struggles. She believes that a healthy body first begins with a healthy mind. Now, she seeks to share her experience and empower individuals to break free from body image problems. Helping people discover their inner drive and leading them to become the healthiest version of themselves is the best part of her role.

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Gage Jensen

Personal Trainer

Gage is a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Fitness Theory. Fitness is not just something which he is happy to call his career, but it is also his passion and something which he happily incorporates into his everyday life.

Gage's journey to living a fit lifestyle started at age 15 and was one which he never expected to take. While he was always enrolled in sports, Gage had very poor eating habits and was more interested in TV or video games then going outside or being active. After quitting hockey in high school, his weight really caught up with him and he decided it was time to make a change. He started to take better care of his eating habits and made an effort to go out and live an active lifestyle. He experienced quick success with his new found willingness to look after his health, and was able to lose a little over 100lbs.

After losing all this weight and seeing what putting effort into yourself can do, Gage's next step was entering into the gym to tone up and try to develop some muscle. While he never thought the gym would be a place where he would ever enjoy spending much time, he quickly fell in love with training and watching his body develop and grow stronger. He decided that after high school he would pursue a career in teaching others what he loves.

Gage's passion for fitness is fuelled by the constant strive to become better then he was the day before. He was never the most athletically talented or coordinated, nor did he have anyone whom he knew personally with such attributes to guide him. He had to work with tremendous effort and show true determination to get himself to where his today, which is a quality he wishes to develop and stow within everyone he trains with. He is always learning and trying to grow himself as so that he can present others with the very best in quality information and knowledge and lead by example. Gage knows what it is like to start from nothing and watch your body transform into everything you wanted it to be, and loves nothing more then helping others find that same feeling.

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