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Using the “Landmine” to Build a Leaner, Stronger, and Sexier Body

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There are countless gym equipment out there; for commercial gyms or home use. One of the most versatile, in my opinion, is the landmine. You may have seen the attachment lying around (see exhibit A). As you can see, a full-sized barbell goes into the attachment so you can perform exercises with the attachment acting as the fulcrum. Below are three landmine exercises that are crucial to add to your repertoire.

Exhibit A

Squat and press Begin holding the landmine either with one or two hands. Squat down with your back straight and lowering the barbell with control. Squat back up explosively, driving your heels into the ground. At the top of the squat, press the bar with your arms in front of you. This exercise will develop the legs, glutes, shoulders and core area.

Landmine rainbows

Begin by grasping the barbell at the end extending your arms. Turn the torso onto one side while lowering the bar with control. Using your body and legs twist explosively until the bar reaches the top position. Repeat the same technique with the other side. This movement works the legs, obliques, shoulders and core area.

T bar rows

Begin by grasping the V-bar attachment underneath the weights. Raise the bar with your legs until your torso is approximately 45 degrees from the floor while keep your shoulder blades peeled back. Pull the weights towards the body while keeping the body still. This exercise works rhomboids, shoulders and core area.

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By Marco Ng, Personal Trainer
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