Top 6 myths of working out

Now I have no idea how these all came about, but if some of these were true, getting fit would be so much easier. Unfortunately, they are not. Below we will look at some of the more common myths a lot of exercisers will have especially when first starting to work out. At Richmond Crux Fitness personal training studio we want our clients to know the hard truth, and this will make achieving your results all the more worthwhile.

1. You can target your fat burn: if you work on your abs doing things like crunches or leg lifts you should be able to burn off the belly fat. Well, if this were true, I’m sure most people at the gym would be doing abs all day and not much else. The truth is any form of exercise can help burn calories and fat, but unfortunately we don’t get to choose exactly where the fat comes off of, and the location that shows reduction in fat may differ from person to person depending on many factors. So spot fat reduction is a myth, work on total body fat reduction instead!

2. No pain, no gain: well if you are getting a sharp pain when you work out you should definitely stop. This phrase is often misused as what we are looking for is more of a muscle burn or soreness rather than sharp pain. Sharp pain is not a good thing and you should definitely check it out with a medical professional or let one of personal trainers know if you experience it during a workout in a fitness facility like the Richmond Crux Fitness and Surrey Crux Fitness.

3. Toning: actually there’s no such thing. This is just a fancy way of saying lose fat. You can build the most beautiful muscles, but if you have a layer of fat over it then nothing muscular will be seen. Once you lose the fat, the musculature will naturally come out and you will look more “toned”. There is a reason there’s a saying of “six-packs are made in the kitchen”.

4. I should just do cardio for fat-loss: cardio is great for weight-loss don’t get me wrong, but it will also burn muscle, and no one wants to just to be at a certain body weight. We all want the healthy physique and not looking skinny-fat, so instead of just cardio, mix in some resistance training regularly to help keep that muscle and a overall healthy weight-loss journey. Although if you are planning to do resistance training and cardio on the same day it is usually better to do the resistance training first to reduce the risk of injury as cardio can make you pretty tired afterwards, and lifting heavy weights while being tired doesn’t exactly spell safety.

5. Muscle will turn into fat if you stop exercising: well this is just untrue. Muscle is made up of protein while fat is made up of fatty acids and they can’t just switch from one to the other. Now muscle naturally uses more energy and thus a person with more muscle will have a higher metabolism. Muscle mass does start to decrease if you stop exercising for a while, so now that if your metabolism has lowered and you still eat the same amount of calories then you will naturally gain fat. This is what appears to people that those muscles are turning into fat when in fact losing muscle and gaining fat are simply happening simultaneously due to your metabolism change.

6. If you are not sweating then you are not working hard enough: simple fact is sweating is not a sign of how hard you are working but simply a reflection of the temperature. Maybe the fitness facility like the Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training studio is simply too hot, or not properly ventilated, or maybe the clothing you were wearing is a tad too thick or not breathable. There’s many factors that determines whether or not you sweat during a workout, while certainly difficult or intense workouts usually causes sweating, it is also perfectly possible to burn a lot of calories without sweating like a pig.

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