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Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

By February 20, 2018August 8th, 2018No Comments

Remember what it was like when you first decided that you needed to lose weight? Just by eating less sugar and adding a couple power walk sessions to your week, the number on the scale magically drops! You even feel more energized and stronger to boot! Too bad things don’t don’t remain that easy for long. Pretty soon, the weight loss stops. The simple strategies that you have implemented in the beginning to get you weight loss results all of a sudden is not enough to take you to the next level. Especially with all the other stuff that is happening in your life competing for your time and attention, it becomes a grind. A lot of people simply give up at this point and tell themselves that maybe just losing these few pounds is good enough. Maybe putting in all the extra work and effort to finally get to their ideal fitness level and health level is not worth it.Maybe it isn’t.

After all, there are so many other things that you would rather be doing. Perhaps you have always wanted to be able to spend more quality time with your kids, maybe to one day climb mount Everest, or maybe to build the best business the world has ever seen.
But you don’t just “earn the right” to accomplish any of those goals if you can’t even keep your own body fit and healthy. Keeping your body in tip top shape “funds” the ability for you to produce so that you can grow in all other aspects of life.

So let’s dive into the 3 reasons why you have stopped losing weight and unable to progress.

  • You are not setting a big enough goal – A lot of people will tell you to not set a goal that is too big so this way you won’t be disappointed. But just like an athlete loses focus after winning the championship, you will also lose focus and motivation if you set your goals too low.Dream BIG and set a ridiculous fitness or weight loss goal! This will drive you to take MASSIVE action! As long as you have a solid plan and system that is actionable, you will succeed. “Say nothing, Do nothing, Be nothing” – Aristotle.
  • You are not focusing on Love and Commitment and Serving the people in your life – You have been focusing on exercising and dieting as well as on your goals that you have forgotten WHY you wanted to lose weight, be fit and healthy in the first place. We are not in this world alone. The most important people in our lives is the reason why we want to be fitter and healthier. That person can be your spouse, your children, your parents, or yourself. There is tremendous joy in showing love and appreciation to the people that matters to us the most. So have you spent the time to talk to those people in your lives recently? Have you taken action to show your appreciation for them and make them feel loved? The more love you give out, the more it comes back to you and serve as a constant reminder of WHY you must stay on track in order to attain better fitness and health.
  • You are not continually developing your exercise and nutrition skill sets to ensure results – In the beginning, you were able to lose weight by exercising twice a week and eating less. Eventually it stops working and what are the options? Eating even less? So does that mean eventually you will not be eating anything at all? That can’t be right?Exercise more? But we only have 7 days in a week and 24 hours in a day, so eventually we are going to max out on exercising as well. Just like anything else, learning a system of exercise and nutrition that is effective and efficient requires continuous learning and researching in order for you to have a grasp on the mastery of weight loss. There are a lot of resources out there for you to head in the right direction. You can also hire a professional who can coach you through the whole process.Now that we have talked about the 3 key areas, where do you think you rank? Where do you think you can improve? Don’t lose hope or get discouraged when you get stuck, just review those 3 areas and you will find a solution. If you are ready to start and need help, make sure to connect with us and we would love to help you.

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