When it comes to getting fit people often say that diet and exercise is key. That is very true. However, what is more important than diet and exercise, is consistency. Can you get great results if you went and worked out once a month and ate clean for 1 day out of a month? Unlikely. A fitness routine where you can consistently eat healthy and workout becomes vitally important for anyone who is looking to lead a fit lifestyle. 


Like any habit or routine, starting it is often the hardest part. We often find barriers to prevent ourselves form starting something even though we really desire the results that this new routine can get us. Today we are going to explore some tips to help you get into a fitness routine or maybe even join a fitness program many facilities like the Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio offers that can help get you into the fit lifestyle that you want.


  1. Go SLOW at first! Ok, now you may be wondering, why would you do that? Well, here is the thing. Intensity can be great, but not if the intensity makes you sore to the point where you can only do it 1-2 times a week and feel uncomfortable for days afterwards. Your brain will associate working out with negative thoughts and discomfort. How long do you think you can make yourself do things that you are uncomfortable with? We are here to build a routine we can stick to, so let’s focus on creating positive links for our brain about working out. We didn’t run before we walk, and we didn’t walk before crawled right? Start with exercise that is light intensity, and maybe something you enjoy doing, and might be even better if you could get a friend or two to join you! Creating a healthy and fitness environment is vital for building and starting a long term routine, and you are helping those friends adopting a fit lifestyle in the process too! As you get more comfortable and getting more in the rhythm of working out, slowly increase your intensity on your own with many workout videos that are online or with the help of a personal trainer at fitness facilities like the Richmond Crux Fitness. 


  1. Set a schedule for your exercising time. We have a tendency to make it to things that we set on our schedule, like doctor’s appointment, work, weddings, etc. because we associate things we put on our calendars as important. Well is fitness and healthy important to you? If you are considering adopting a fit lifestyle they better be! Set aside a set time at least a couple times a week to do this and before you know it, it’ll become part of your weekly or even daily routine! At the beginning you may even turn on all the possible notifications and reminders to get you moving and make it to those workouts! When we say we will do it and don’t set a time more often or not we let other things take precedence over it and by the time we finally get around to it, the plethora of excuses such as “I’m tired” or “I don’t have time anymore”, or “I’ll do it tomorrow”, or “the weather is bad” will plague us. Why do that to yourself? Schedule your important exercising time along with other important things in your life to take precedence over all the other fluff we sometimes fill our daily lives with (Netflix I’m looking at you…)!


  1. Lastly, always remember why you started this fitness journey, where you want to be, and how far you have come. Motivation is a fickle thing, and you should do everything in your power to remind yourself that this is important to you. If getting fit was easy then everyone would be fit and obesity wouldn’t be on the rise. You are doing the hard thing today to have an easy tomorrow. If you want to know how a personal trainer may be able to guide you in starting a fitness routine that you can keep for life come talk to a Richmond or Surrey Crux Fitness trainer today!

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