There are always going to be some days where you are tired, or you feel that the day is just not your day and you can feel your workout intensity droop. We’ve all been there, and along the way we actually learned some ways to help you combat these scenarios! These tricks might help you keep up the intensity on your bad days and might help you up your intensity or even push a personal record on your good days! 

Do they work? Well go ahead and try them yourself and let us personal trainers at the Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio know!


  1. Have the right music for your workouts. Music is a powerful thing, as are many forms of art, but music will always have a special place in workouts. The right music can really get you moving and even help you move rhythmically. Now pair that with empowering lyrics and you have a winning recipe to a great workout session. Obviously, music that you like or connect with are great choices. There are however some other criteria that makes certain types of music much better for workouts than others. Making the music AT LEAST 120 beats per minutes (BPM) can really help you get into the rhythm of those weight lifting repetition or running strides. Depending on the type of exercise and intensity, BPM ranges 120-180 are all very good choices to get a good pump-up for your workouts! Just make sure you choose the right BPM for your workout type!


  1. Get a friend and have a little friendly competition. Working out is often more enjoyable with a partner or in a group where you know the members. It is always the mind that gives up first before the muscle during reps, and a little friendly competition brings out the competitiveness within us to really push ourselves beyond the limit, and it is during those moments that we physically improve the most and make the gains. That isn’t to say you should push yourself when you are in pain, but if your muscles are burning or sore and you want to stop and take a break, that is when this One-Up-Manship really shines! If you are looking for group training definitely come talk to a personal trainer at the Richmond Crux Fitness!


  1. Time your breaks. Ok we get it, you worked hard and really want to take a short break before going at it again. But how long are you going to rest for, oh just until you feel comfortable continuing. Time flies by and next thing you know you have sat there doing nothing for 5 minutes. Do that a couple times and not only do you prolong your workout but you also lose many of the cardio benefits by letting your heart rate drop back down! We all only have 24 hours in a day, don’t waste it! Time your breaks, if you’re not pushing that heavy a 30 seconds to 1 minute break should be sufficient in getting you moving again, and if you are pushing heavy then 2-3 minutes may be needed but always put your breaks on the clock! You will be surprised at how much time you will actually save, or how much more sets you can squeeze into your workout time, and also how much more intense the workout session will be!


  1. Rest well. Overtraining is a real thing, make sure you have enough rest between your workouts and you are getting enough sleep to really have the energy as well as focus to tackle those physical challenges during exercise! The body does not grow during workouts, if anything the workouts is there to tear your body down, tear your fat and muscles down, so that you can rebuild your physique. This rebuilding process happens during rest, do definitely do not neglect resting! 


If you want to know how to have a workout plan specific for you that takes into account of all of the things mentioned above, then reach out to a personal trainer at Richmond or Surrey Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio!

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