Three BEST FITNESS HACKS – in my opinion

As a fitness and health professional we come across numerous situations and scenarios, either for the client or ourselves. Sometimes they are an easy fix and sometimes we are simply stumped. Through our years in the field we find issues that repeatedly come up and through common scenarios we find a solution for those issues. These are tricks and tips to help individuals with common problems that arise in fitness – I would term these “hacks”. Please note that these hacks work for me and may not work for everyone. If you have any concerns about your physicality, see a qualified professional immediately. Talk to your personal trainer in Richmond and Cloverdale for different hacks.

HACK #1: “I don’t’ feel like working out today.”

This is a very common issue for a lot of clients that we work with, either with fitness or rehabilitation. Source of compliant can be tired from work or kids, comfortable at home or simply don’t feel like going to the gym. My hack for this is very simple: physically GET TO THE GYM. Once you arrive at the gym, the entire process will flow much better. Intrinsically you will tell yourself that you made it all the way to the gym, using time and energy, so you should workout to make it worth it. And that is a perfectly valid rationale. We tell the clients the hardest part is making your way to the gym; after that your personal trainer in Richmond will take care of the rest.

How about if you are by yourself at the gym but you don’t feel like working out? What has worked for me is to get a really good warm-up. This means to start off getting really warm, either going for a jog or doing some bodyweight exercises. Proceed to dynamic stretching and foam rolling to really loosen up stiff joints and muscles. Lastly, work on activating muscles such as the shoulders, glutes and core area. At this point in time, you should be primed and ready to go to war. A thorough warm-up primes the nervous system and revs up the entire body. You will want to lift some weight and work hard.

HACK #2: “My shoulder hurts today.”

This is also another common problem that we get from clients. Because of a non-serious shoulder issue, they avoid working out (or at least upper body). As long as pain levels are around 30 – 40%, I would recommend continue working out but be cautious of any pushing or overhead exercises. However, many clients opt to take the easy way out – skipping the gym. If the pain is within reasonable levels, remove all pushing exercises and focus on legs, core and light pulling movements.


So what’s the hack? In my experience with my shoulder issues, I would recommend adding shoulder mobility and scapulae retraction exercises in the warm-up. A common reason for shoulder issues is because the shoulder joint is slightly out of place and thus puts unnecessary pressure on the rotator cuff. To combat that, we do the opposite. Work on light rowing exercises, like cable rows, and ensure the shoulder blades to pinched together to keep the shoulder in place. In addition, shoulder mobility exercises will help as well. These can include band dislocations or other variations. Increasing the range of motion in the shoulder promotes blood flow and will get the shoulder workout-ready.

HACK #3: “I’m so sore from my last workout.”  

Consistency and longevity is what we strive for. Personal trainers in Richmond have clients to commit at least two to three times per week and have clients coming up to six times per week. It is very common for clients to report soreness from their previous workout. Sometimes they may not want to come in for their next workout due to the pain from their soreness.

What should we do if we are sore from our last workout? I would recommend focusing on three things: light cardio, foam rolling and very light exercises. The cardio will work on mental clarity and overall “feeling better”. I would recommend lightly foam rolling on the sore muscles but at a manageable pain threshold. This will relieve the tightness (not soreness) and promote blood flow in the area. Lastly, lightly using the muscles will again promote blood flow and overall relieve the stiffness. You may still feel sore afterwards but this combination will accelerate the recovery process and jumpstart you onto your next training session.

Until next time,

Coach Marco


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