hi my name is Dennet i’m the perpetual
fitness expert i hope you start a new
fitness routine so you can keep it up
for a lifetime

so what am I gonna talk
about today? I’m gonna talk about
simplifying! simplifying.

how do you simplify?

you simplify simply by doing THIS.
]choose to spend your money and time
on things that you absolutely love.

only things that you absolutely love
NOT things that you kinda like

how many things did you buy just on sale?
or you kinda liked it? and then you
wasted money on it cuz you barely used
it? or you didn’t use it at all and it
just sits there?

or you gave it away? right?

what a waste of money! no need!
I would rather someone spend 10 times
the amount on something they absolutely
love use it fully, cherish it, keep it for

that actually will cost you less money

same with time

why am I bring this up? because the other
day I had a client telling me, you know

it’s hard to work out so often, right?
because of work and kids and…

I’m like okay, I know why they do this
right? we always bring up work, kids
because what are we gonna do? of course
those are top priorities, so I change the

start talking about TV shows. she’s like
oh yeah, yeah and then she start talking
about one show I don’t remember
what it was, but the other one I
remember was Riverdale, oh I love
Riverdale! yeah I binge watch! watch the
whole series! oh sorry the whole season
in one week!

I’m like wait, wait, wait, wait
Miss No Time,  you tell me about, I
don’t want to know how many hours or
episodes that is, you crammed a whole
season in one week! and you’re telling me
you don’t have time?

and you’re talking
about these other shows you watch?

I said to her, look, watch the ones you
absolutely love, but don’t waste your
time watching shows that are just “okay”
don’t waste your time on that because
it’s eating up the time that are so
valuable, we all want more money and
more time, this is how you do it.

choose your money and time on things
that you absolutely love and get rid of
the rest, get rid of the rest, get rid of
the rest!

and then you will have time and
money to spend on the things you really
love, you’ll be happier, you’ll have less
you won’t have all this clutter so what
am I saying?

spring cleaning your life, if you spring
clean your life, you will have time, more
time and more money to get more things that
you absolutely love!

doesn’t that sound nice?
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I am out

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