hi there my name is Dennet and i’m the
perpetual fitness expert i help people
start a new fitness routine and keep it
up for a lifetime.

so what are we gonna talk
about today? how do we keep that up for a

the reason why most people
cannot keep it up for a lifetime
is that they’ve been given the wrong

they don’t realize that the way
they’re thinking about it totally
contradicts with their goal.

what I’m talking about is most people are aiming
for maximum results and they have a

if we’re working out for a
lifetime and we want to feel good for a
lifetime there is no deadline

there is no maximum results

maximum results means
there’s a peak.

there is no peak

it is called a peak because it cannot be

working out and feeling good
is more than a day

it’s more than an event

it’s more than a summer

it’s more than a wedding

It’s more than a rave event

it’s more than any of that

you want to feel that the rest of your life
so there is no deadline

we want to cross the start line for the last time

there is no finish line

therefore we do not want to aim for
maximum results and we do not want a

if we have a deadline now we
got pressure

pressure can be good for
some things but a lot of times it’s not

plus with that deadline, what that does
is that causes us to be impatient

impatient is not a good thing to add

we do not want to add that now

if we aim for maximum results and we get it now we
have to maintain that and if you do not
maintain maximum results, which is
impossible, even Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t do

if you cannot maintain maximum
results you’re disappointed and if you
never get maximum results you’re

now you’re impatient, you’re
frustrated, and you’re disappointed

that’s a recipe for failure. we do not
want maximum results and we do not want
a deadline

that probably goes against
everything you’ve ever been told and
that’s why it works

if it did work, everybody would be getting results

think about it. how many times have you gone
through that frustrated, disappointed or

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That was a quick one

I am out


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