hi I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I hope you start a new fitness
routine and keep it up for the rest of
your life so today I had how straining
somebody earlier and he was having some
difficulty because his own mind again of
course he is competing and comparing
himself with others when you workout
with others or use others in terms of a
group setting or even even as a as a
motivator only use others as inspiration
not for comparing right there’s a big
difference right this is not a sport
right if you’re competing to be a
bodybuilder or in a sport totally
different what I’m talking about is
perpetual fitness for yourself because I
feel a lot of people compare themselves
and/or compete with others and it does
not serve them that story does not serve
them it does them harm for multiple
reasons let’s say somebody’s a beginner
if some was a beginner and they’re
comparing and/or competing with other
people who’ve been doing it longer that
is that is so disrespectful to himself
it’s unfair right how can he compel can
he compare and compete his beginning was
someone else’s middle right that’s
disrespectful to the other person he put
in months or years of dedicated work and
that’s unfair to himself trying to keep
up with that right and if it makes you
not feel good or insufficient it is not
serving you right inspired be inspired
by people right when you see those
motivational videos on YouTube or
Facebook of someone with disabilities
working out harder why do you feel all
rejuvenated and energized to do
something it’s not because you’re
comparing with them it’s because you see
someone doing something
and overcoming an obstacle or barrier or
again like watching the Special Olympics
right why is it motivating to watch that
it’s not motivating to watch that
because they’re doing things we can’t do
we can easily do things they’re doing
but because we know it’s a challenge for
them it inspire son inspires us so again
when you do look for motivation
inspiration don’t use it to compare and
compete look for luck again especially
like I said when I talk about the
example of Special Olympics look for
somebody overcoming a challenge look for
someone you know and giving their best
effort regardless of the level they’re
at what you do not want to do is compare
your level with another person’s level
right if you’re at an extremely high
level again or an athlete yes I may
serve you to get better and better right
but if you’re a beginner and you’re not
working out everyday yet it will not
serve you it will only do you harm
because again these are the feelings you
want to avoid you don’t want to be
disappointed you don’t want to feel
frustrated but when you compare and
compete with others that’s usually what
will happen again unless you’re at
extremely high level if you’re already
working out every day or you’re applying
for sport or you’re competing for
bodybuilding totally different I’m
talking about those of you out there who
are just starting or do not work out on
a regular routine basis yet in that
regard do not compare and compete with
others it is disrespectful to your own
soul compete only with yourself do you
know what you’re capable of you know
what you how far you’ve come as long as
you keep compete competing with yourself
you’ll win I love using Michael Jordan’s
example why was he in my opinion the
best of the best of the best
did he compete with others people think
so but ultimately he was always really
comparing and competing with himself
because once he deemed himself to be
better than the next guy
he didn’t sit back and say okay I guess
I’m done he would find some other guy to
demoralise to defeat and eventually when
there was no one left to defeat he
figured okay
well then I’m just gonna be better than
I was before so that no one can catch me
that is how you’re supposed to do it to
reach high levels right not compare with
others compete with others and then once
you surpass them okay I’m good
I guess I’ll coast now so even if you’re
so I guess what I’m saying is this even
if you’re the best out of everyone you
if you’re comparing and competing it
makes you slow down and makes you
Plateau or if you’re the bottom of the
barrel it makes you feel disappointed
and frustrated which makes me feel you
don’t want to compare and compete with
anybody anytime always just compete with
yourself and compare with yourself
alright so that resonated with you
please subscribe if you think someone
needs to hear this please share compete
and compare with yourself with your own
abilities and know and tell yourself
honestly and truthfully am i doing
things to make myself better what am I
making up reasons to say the same all
right that’s it I am out!
Dennet Lee is the owner of Crux Fitness
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