hi my name is Dennet and i’m the
perpetual fitness expert, i help people
start a new fitness routine and keep it
up for a lifetime
so today what are we
going to talk about? we’re gonna talk
about the power of repetition
we’re gonna talk about the power of repetition
we’re gonna talk about the power of repetition
see how powerful that is?
that’s what I’m talking about, here the
stories inside of you we already know
they control what you do, the question is
what is the story?
if you have stories that are holding you back and that’s
repeating in your head we’re in trouble.
we got to get those out and replace
those with stories that serve you.
so just like a song if there’s a song you
like no matter how much you like it,
you cannot memorize all the lyrics by
listening to it only once, you learn it,
becomes a part of your soul, who you are,
That song becomes a part of you by
listening to it again and again and
again and again.
Now here’s a powerful thing right here
how many songs do you
know the lyrics to that you don’t even
like?  How many songs do you not even like
that you know all the lyrics to?
A ton of them! that’s the power of repetition and
that’s why if you tell yourself those
same crap stories again and again and
again,  “I’m busy” “I’m tired” “I’m old”
they take power, they take control over you
and they affect everything you do
so change the station! get those crap song
stories out of your head, replace them
with new stories that make you better.
and repeat that over and over and
over again because repeating perpetual
stories changes, repeating your perpetual
actions and that changes who you become
and gives you perpetual success.
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Dennet Lee is the owner of Crux Fitness
Crux Fitness is the top rated personal training studio in the Lower Mainland with a location in Richmond, and a location in Surrey

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