This is the #1 reason WHY people are NOT hitting their GOALS

Everyone who steps in to the gym or looks for a personal trainer has a goal in mind. Whether that is look better, feel better or move better. However, after training for a while, the goal gets hazy. The reason why this is occurs is very simple:


In our journey towards our fitness goal, we lose track of where we want to go. We cannot reach a destination without knowing where the destination is. Constantly reminding ourselves of our goal is critical to push us along. Personally, I remind myself of my fitness goal in the beginning of every training session. That way, I am driven and motivated towards my goal. In this article, I will break down two goals and simplify the process: performance and aesthetics. A personal trainer in Richmond can clear it up for you.


1.) Do you have substantial amount of muscle? In other words, are you big enough? If your goal is to hypertrophy (for guys) and more “toned” (for girls), it is important to have enough muscle packed on. Otherwise, you won’t look any different from before. Focus on big, compound lifts such as pull-ups, squats and deadlifts. These are staple to pack on more muscle. A personal trainer in Richmond can program a strength training system for you.

2.) Are you lean enough? Do you have enough fat stripped off your body in order to showcase the new gained muscle? This is where nutrition comes in. Remember, abs are made in the gym, but mostly showed in the kitchen. Eat high quality and nutrient-rich foods. To lose body fat sustainably, eat at a caloric deficit. This is not to say starve yourself! Maintain around the 80% mark of your total daily calories per day so that you lose fat but retain the muscle.
2b.) Not lean enough? Use the sub 10% as the gold standard. You may need to find a way to measure the amount of body fat on you. This could be ultrasound or even underwater weighing. Regardless, being under 10% body fat is the gold standard to being lean and seeing your abs. You may also add additional high intensity interval training to your workout. This will help, but not as important as eating at a caloric deficit.

3.) Do not focus on targeted fat loss. Depending on the individual, they may hold more fat in a specific place. Some may hold more fat in the belly and some may hold more in the waist. Either way, do not get over-focused on that one area. Do not do 1000 sit-ups because you hold a bit more stubborn fat in the belly. Focus on your nutrition and heavy compound lifts.


1.) Focus on big, compound lifts whether your goals are for powerlifting or sports performance. Squats, bench press and deadlifts will add substantial amount of strength on you. Basic strength is the equivalent to the foundation of a building. In addition, it is important to focus on progressive overloading. Weekly progression of strength is important. This could be small increments of weight lifted but as long as you are making progress, that is all that matters. A personal trainer can explain progressive overload to you.

2.) Transition to specialized movements to your sport. Let’s take an example: ice hockey. Once you have achieved substantial lower body strength, single leg power is needed for skating. Squats will be performed for a period of time, and then skater jumps for lateral power. Strength will always come first but you must transition that into a more specialized movement. Otherwise you will not be as powerful or explosive in your sport.

3.) Train in the appropriate energy system. Once you have achieved the proper strength and power, you must apply that into the energy system you utilize in your sport. Taking ice hockey again for example, a typical shift on ice is approximately 45 seconds to one minute. To train in this system, we must perform high intensity, explosive movements in this time frame. This will simulate a shift on ice within the weight room to make the game easier.


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