hi I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I help you start a new fitness
routine and keep it up for a lifetime so
when’s the best time to workout when is
the best time to workout I was asked by
a friend of mine who wants to start and
I said to him it depends on you you’re
an individual you got to be honest with
yourself I mean not to give us us not
not to not answer your question but the
best time to workout is obviously
whenever you can work out who cares as
long as you get it in right if you can
get it in whatever it takes right any
workouts better than no workout but if
you want to know in terms of how to
decide for yourself this is where have
to be honest with yourself if you know
your accountability is not that good all
right I’m gonna give you the order right
if you know your accountability is not
that good work out earlier in the day
the earlier in the day you work out the
sooner you gets things things that you
find difficult to do over with the
better off you are the later you leave
it in the day the more unlikely you are
to do it so we all know those people
those people who work out first thing in
the morning 4:00 or 5:00 6:00 in the
morning those dedicated people right and
they are but what it really is is they
know if you ask them they want to get it
done early because when it’s done early
they don’t got to think about it anymore
and then if you think of those people
who go early morning to they go
religiously right if you think of
consistency how many days a week and if
you think of how long they’ve done it
done it four which is usually years upon
years upon years decades upon decades
that is why right some people say oh I
can’t do in the morning it’s they do in
the morning because they know that’s the
smartest way to do it get it done over
with and you’ll do it often and you do
it long for entire lifetime and then you
don’t got to worry about the rest of it
that’s how you have it so you know
you’re gonna be busy today and you’re
more likely to put it off early in the
morning is best now if you do not want
to be that dedicated and get up in the
morning early do it on your lunch break
on your lunch break how long’s your
lunch break doesn’t matter 30 minutes an
hour work out instead you do not need to
eat you probably ate breakfast already
you’re gonna eat dinner later you
probably have snacks as well you eat
enough if you if you eat more than one
meal a day you’re fine you’re fine
you’re good so you are used to eating
lunch but you do not need lunch yes you
may not be able to think clearly at
first yes maybe a little bit foggy or
hangry or upset but after a couple weeks
to a month you will get used to it and
that way if you work out on your lunch
break at work you can work out every day
because now you’re making use of time
that you’re already there and again if
you have a lunch break you don’t have
neither gym all you need your body the
floor and gravity just do something
because then five days a week at least
if you work five years a week you will
be working out and it won’t take any
extra time in your day now
if you’re not gonna work on your lunch
break then once you work out after that
work out right after work right after
work as soon as you’re done work go
straight to the gym bring your gym
clothes with you your water bottle your
towel if you know you’re not a dedicated
person you have trouble do not go home
first after work relax for a bit eat
dinner and then think that you’re
probably gonna go later see yes there
are some people who can do it
right I’m not saying it can’t be done
but I’m just saying if you know you
already have difficulty why make it so
much harder right that’s why you want to
do it early do it first thing in the
morning or do it on your lunch break or
do it right after work don’t go home get
all relaxed and chill and think you’re
gonna go back out right you have to know
yourself well enough to know this all
right so what is the best way to stay
accountable the absolute best way to
stay accountable is you either hire a
trainer or you have a dedicated partner
a partner who is already made Fitness
part of his lifestyle because they will
make you go I highly recommend you not
choosing to not choose a partner who’s
just starting like you that’s like to
drug addicts trying to stop doing drugs
together right that’s
that’s recipe for disaster find someone
who you can leverage their help with so
either hire a trainer or have a person
and pick a dedicated schedule when you
will meet there you the hardest person
to stay accountable to is always
yourself yet once you know someone else
there is waiting for you you will go and
even better yet if you have a trainer
that you’re paying for for sure you will
go right you’re not paying for the
trainer to train you
you’re usually paying just to stay
accountable which is the most important
thing all right so perpetual fitness you
need to work out every day take care of
yourself be dedicated work out as early
as possible if you find it difficult if
that resonated with you please subscribe
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please share because I do videos like
this every day
that’s it I’m out
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