hi there my name is Dennet i’m the
perpetual fitness expert i help you
start a new fitness routine so you can
keep it up for the rest of your life so
yesterday we talked about self-love
self-admiration self-esteem and how to
get it by working out everyday again not
having the greatest workout ever once
but having multiple great workouts
decades and decades on end giving you
your own self-worth so adding on to that
why else does it perpetuate why does
perpetual fitness perpetuate more
self-confidence because one of the most
admirable things in the world and not
the most admirable is a healthy fit body
for a lifetime why because we all know
across the world you gotta earn it
yourself right you can’t buy it no one
can give it to you you got to do it
yourself now I know there are some
people out there that believe if they
were rich they’d be able to do it easily
and I’m here to tell you if you had
excessive money do you pay for a trainer
and for someone to make all your meals
for you
yes it would be easier but that doesn’t
mean here to be easy because if that
were the case every single wealthy
person every single actor every single
singer every single athlete for the rest
of their lives would be healthy and fit
and we all know that is not true and a
lot of those successful wealthy people
are very determined motivated committed
people and they still have difficulty
doing so do not delude yourself thinking
if you had extra money all sudden it’d
be super easy you just be slightly
easier but you’ve still got to go
through those feelings of hunger you’ve
still got to commit to showing up to
work out you still got to all do that
alone and that is why a healthy fit body
working out every day perpetuates more
self-worth because you know you’re doing
what you’re doing you know how difficult
it is to be doing it especially for a
lifetime and now you’ve got something
that was earned earn from you whether
you had a trainer or not now if you do
need help working out every day what do
you do you either find a committed
partner who’s already working out on a
regular routine basis so they can keep
you committed or you hire a trainer
those are the best ways so that’s the
short one today if that red
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perpetuate your fitness perpetuate your
happiness perpetuate a healthy happy
life that’s it
I’m out

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