hi I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I hope you start a new fitness
routine so you can keep it up for the
rest of your life so today I’m gonna
talk to my all my friends out there who
still haven’t started yet I know there’s
some of you out there it’s okay right
it’s okay because if you’re still
watching these you still are doing
something but now we need to take actual
action again when you change the way you
are thinking like by reading or
increasing your awareness by watching
these videos or anything that tries to
make you better it does count for
something but you have to follow it up
with action again I use an example
before in another video I could watch
every basketball game in the history of
the world it will not make me a better
I can watch every martial arts movie in
the world it’s not gonna make me better
martial arts you have to actually take
action so I posed this question to you
guys okay if you haven’t taken action
yet are you living the past you
prevent you from becoming the future you
are you along the past you to hold you
back from becoming the future you that
you you want to be right are you living
the here’s another way putting it are
you letting the past you make decisions
for the current you right if the past
you is making decisions for the current
you it cannot work because the past she
was basing decisions in your packing and
you know in your life that’s in the past
the current life you have is different
you cannot allow the past you to make
decisions for your current world right
and this is a very common thing right
resisting change is futile first of all
change is inevitable so it’s a losing
battle anyway so we’re gonna change
regardless so why not take control and
change for the better take an active
part and change for the better because
change is coming anyway right and you
always have a choice you always have a
you are not handcuffed right it’s not
your job or your family your financial
situation or anything else you can
always make a choice everything is a
choice right and if you make a mistake
that is fine but repeated mistakes
you have to realize repeatedly not
taking action is a choice it’s a choice
and I know you don’t want to choose to
do it you want to choose to do something
about it right become the future you who
you want to be right allow the present
you to make decisions to make the future
you thank you right you want the future
you to love you for what you’ve done
today to allow them to be where they
want to be change your frame of thinking
right make past passionate decisions to
take passionate actions to live a
passionate life right it’s all in the
frame of thinking right it’s not about
the best way or the techniques are not
knowing what to do it’s never about that
it’s about how we choose to look at
something and the pivotal point in
people’s lives is when they change their
way of thinking it’s what makes them
take action the ability to take action
was always there it’s always there
if you need help reach out and find
somebody to help you there’s nothing
wrong with asking for help you cannot
succeed we are not meant to be in this
we are not meant to be in this world to
get go through it alone
right we have each other and you
supposed to ask for help and there’s
nothing wrong with asking for help put
your pride and ego aside and ask for
help so what you want to do is this I
know I told you if I’m looking in the
past to have a to-do list all right a
top 5 or top 10 to-do list depending how
committed you are start with 5 if it’s
too daunting for you right top 5 are the
most important things and do something
every day towards those 5 things another
way is to have a not to do list put the
5 things that you know are detrimental
to your future or your or your life or
your relationships and follow those
lists of not seduced and then there’s
one more there’s one more which is
almost it depends again which one is
best for you this one might be more
powerful you instead of a to-do list how
about you have a to B list a to P list
what are the five most important things
you want to be 5 or 10 right depends how
ambitious you are 5 minimum 10 maximum
you don’t have too many because then
you’ll get a call from cause paralysis
again you don’t be overwhelmed so 5
minimum 10 maximum what are the 5 to 10
things you want to be and now all you do
every day is one little thing one little
thing every day that is that follows
with your that is congruent with your
tippy list that is it so you can have a
to-do list not to-do list or a to B list
or heck even all three whatever you feel
you know you can do right don’t take
anything on that’s too much do something
that you know that you can do so simply
do not allow yourself to come up with
any excuses that’s why I don’t want
people to overwhelm
too much make it simple and it can be
done alright because again I want you to
become the future you who you want to be
and it’s not difficult it’s not hard
once you change your frame of mind right
but it does not get easier the longer
you wait right you don’t gotta wait for
the first of a week
you don’t gotta wait for the firm Monday
you don’t gotta wait for the first of a
month you know that we first season how
many times have you said that already
and continue to wait there is no good
time there is no perfect time the
perfect time is always now and remember
this if and when you do miss a day or
something doesn’t go according to plan
forgive yourself do not beat yourself up
I find a lot of people they do the
opposite they say it’s okay to not do
anything and then when they start doing
something they beat themselves up
because the progress is too slow reverse
it right only be hard on yourself if
you’re doing nothing that way you take
action but as long as you’re taking
action always encourage yourself always
encourage yourself as long as you did
something that day no matter how small
encourage yourself right build yourself
up you deserve it so again if you need
help starting click the link if you need
help continuing click the same link
that’s it for today I am out

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