hi my name is Dennet i’m the perpetual
fitness expert i help people start a new
fitness routine and keep it up for a

so today i’m gonna talk about
the blame game, because we love to blame
things on other, on people or other
circumstances, when it’s really not an

so today I’m gonna talk about
blaming your partner or your children
because that’s a common one I have with
clients or potential clients.

they feel guilty, but I always ask them
it comes down to two things one did you
ever actually ask them if they mind you
spending time for yourself to make
yourself look and feel better?

did they actually say “no”?

did they really even say
no or did you just assume that?

did you just assume that or again feel guilty
because of that. right? that means it’s
not real

we never assume.

assume makes an ass out
of you and me, never assume. get a
straight answer

if you’re gonna ask and
let’s say they do say “no”
let’s say for financial reasons they
don’t want you to.

you just gotta say,
look, to be the best husband/wife/partner
I can be. to be the best partner I can be

to make, to create
better experiences, to have less stress
to make better memories, to create more
memories, to potentially living

how much is that worth?
like really?

imagine right we’re in a
vehicle together on this trip of life

do you want to get there as quick as
possible in 30 minutes? or do you want to
take 4 hours to get there?

you want to get there as soon as possible, I need
this thing optimized.

and how about this…
let’s say this vehicle has to pull over
it has an issue. if this vehicle pulls
over and there’s a problem, and I got to
wait for a tow truck or something to
take care of this, you’re being pulled
over with me.

It is really like that, if this
vehicle pulls over, we all get pulled
over waiting for that tow truck together.

nobody likes that. let’s take care of the
vehicle so we never got to get pulled
over, and we can get to whatever
destination we want as quickly as
possible with no issues. right?

how many reasons do I have to give you guys to
spend the time to take care of yourself
that’s all it comes down to.

we’ll get to the technique stuff later because
without this, the techniques don’t matter.

you’ve tried many techniques already
that’s not the issue, the issue is always
the foundation, the commitment to doing
something like: watching these videos and
changing your mind or the stories in
your head, preventing you from doing it

now I’ll continue that another day
because again we’re getting close to the
three minute mark and that resonated
with you.

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it for today I am out.

Dennet Lee is the owner of Crux Fitness

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