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Time flies! Now we are at the end of the year 2019 as well as the end of a decade. At this time of the year we are all swamped with last minute shopping, giving and accepting gifts and catching up with those who we love and love us. Amount of food consumption is also at an all-year high in December. You will see numerous promotions of “Christmas meals” all over the city. You will also have a bunch of potluck parties at family, friends or even at your house to celebrate the season. 

But the point of this article is how do you stay on top of your progress even with all this “intake” going on? This article will give you some pointers to stay on top of your progress. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on pointers to stay on track during the holidays. 

Go and enjoy yourself 

Read that again. Go and enjoy yourself! This is the season of massive celebration of Christmas and the end of the year. 

This is a time to let loose at these gatherings and enjoy the company of your friends and family. No one likes a party pooper or someone that says “I can’t eat that, I’m trying to lose weight”. If you like it, eat it! 

This especially goes for those who enjoy indulging in alcohol. Yes we all know alcohol has empty calories and is detrimental to weight loss; but if that’s what you want to do then do it! At least we know it’s good for your mental and emotional health. 

Do not shame yourself for eating something

This one is a big one: do not shame yourself – AT ALL! Most of us will enjoy what we are eating at the moment, but then feel very regretful afterward. There was a reason why you ate or drink that. And if tasted good and you wanted to eat it, leave it at that! DO NOT shame yourself for it. 

Shaming yourself not only does nothing, but it also decreases your overall confidence on this entire journey. Remember, weight loss is a long-term game. It takes a long time to gain and lose weight. One slice of cake is not going to ruin your hard work. 

Get right back on track the next day

We all have the power to change. The choice is ours whether it is to be better or stay the same. If you had a massive dinner and dessert gathering one night, not to worry at all – get back on the horse the next day and keep riding. You have the POWER to get back on track. 

Take control of all the factors that play into you can control. Get back right on track whether it is meal prepping, sleep schedule, training times, stress management, etc. These are things you can take advantage of in order to jump back on the horse to accelerate yourself to your goals. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond how to get back on track. 

Do not over-correct 

This point, in my opinion, is the biggest take-away in this article: DO NOT OVER-CORRECT. I have seen this mistake made by so many people including myself. If you have overly enjoyed yourself at dinner and had a fantastic dessert the night before, do not overflow yourself by over-correcting. 

For example, do not cut your regular calories in your meals the next day. I have seen many people over-restrict their meals after eating a big dinner the night before. Not only does this do nothing, but it may set you back even more by making you hungrier.  If you usually train for an hour, do not over-correct yourself by training for two hours just because you had that extra slice of cake! Continue doing what you usually would do. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on pointers to avoid overcorrections. 

The journey is full of ups and downs 

Your progress is a journey full of unexpected scenarios. Some times we need to make an appearance at dinners and participate, and some times we make amazing progress by staying consistent. Understand that it is absolutely normal to gain and lose in the progress as long as we stay consistent and keep our goals clear. 

Until next time, 

Coach Marco 

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