The boom of more and more sport-specific gyms or studios is higher than ever. Each facility boasts that it can take your current performance to the next level; or even go pro. Many of these facilities have state-of-the-art equipment and have highly educated/experienced individuals who can do so. Different paths can be taken to accomplish the same goal. In other words, different facilities have their own systems to upgrade their athletes. In this article, I will be breaking down the approach I take to upgrade an athlete’s performance. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond to increase your athletic performance. 

General (RAW) strength

Like a foundation of a building, the athlete must be strong at the very least. This is the beginning building block in a lot of training systems. In this phase, the athlete mainly needs to lift heavy weights. Movements include only a few exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups and a few others. Repetitions stay low between one to eight, and sets range between three or more. Again, the goal here is to get as strong as possible as time allows it. Strength allows an easier transition into the next phase: power. 


The physics equation for power it is equivalent to work over time. The higher your work output in as little time as you do it in is how much power you are producing. Here we are introducing the element of speed. If you add strength and speed together, you get power. This is why strength is very important to develop in the previous phase. The goal here is to produce the maximum force output in as little time as possible. Explosiveness of an athlete is developed here. 

A wide range of exercises can be performed here. To develop full-body power, power snatches, power cleans and kettlebell swings are often used. Elastic bands and chains can be used as well due to their nature of accommodating resistance.  As the resistance changes throughout the range-of-motion, it allows the athlete to work on improvement in power. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on how to develop explosive power. 

Movement specificity

In this phase we must consider the athlete’s individual sport. What sport are they playing? What are basic staple movements in the sport? Are they running, skating or swimming? Here we are putting the power we have developed into specific movements. We will take a sprinter for an example – a very explosive athlete. Assuming they have developed a good strength base and explosiveness, we can adapt these into their movement patterns. Sled running can be added into their training program. We are keeping the movement specific to sprinting but add a stress onto the athlete to further develop their performance. 

Energy systems

Keeping the athlete’s sport in mind, we can now work on energy systems. Our athlete now has developed raw strength, explosive power and has transitioned those elements into sport specific movements. At this point it is about conditioning. Here we look at the time spent performing those movements. Let’s take a sprinter as an example again. They are a 100 meter sprinter and their energy system is mainly ATP-PC system which is immediate energy over the course of 10 – 15 seconds. Training in this phase requires manipulating variables in order to get the athlete as explosive as possible within the time of their sport demands. This phase is when athletes are very close to playing season games. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on how to develop the energy system in your specific sport. 


Every athlete is built differently. Some may respond very well to a training variable, some may not. This phase allows trainers and coaches to alter a variable in order to adapt better to training. This could be progressing/regressing a movement or fix a movement deficiency. This phase can be executed in or between any of the previous phase. The goal is to achieve maximum adaptation and performance while minimizing injuries. 

Increasing athletic performance is a long process and requires attention to detail and patience. Every phase must be executed with caution to ensure maximum performance. 


Until next time, 

Coach Marco 

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