hi there my name is Dennet and I’m the
perpetual fitness expert, I help people
start a new fitness routine and keep it
up for a lifetime

so today what i’m gonna talk about

i’m gonna talk about two of the most common words that
destroy you

destroy you!

you got to remove these words from your
vocabulary pronto, because every time you
use it they get in your way it’s like a
brick every time you use these words
you’re letting another brick and use
them enough you got a wall and that wall
is solid it’s time to break that wall
down so we got stop adding bricks.

first, what are those two words two words are
“should” and “try”.

should, what does the word
should mean?

the words “should” means
“it sounds like a nice idea, but it’s
probably not gonna happen.”

want some examples? of course you do,

we should go for lunch, sounds like a nice
idea, it’s not gonna happen! I should
start exercising, sounds like a nice idea
probably not gonna happen.

I should stop smoking sounds like a nice
idea not gonna happen.

remove that word from your vocabulary
just say yes !let’s go for lunch,
or don’t even bring it up! you don’t have to
do things that you don’t want to do.
The word “no” is fine.

The word “no” is amazing! the word “no” will
actually free you.

say no more often, remove should, use no.

The other word, “try”

TRY, that ones a huge one! “Try”.

As my buddy Jason says, “trying is lying!”

is it’s a lie?

what does try mean? try makes you feel
like you are actually doing something.

but you’re not!

try means, okay I’ll attempt it , I’ll put in some kind of
minimal effort and see what happens

that’s try.  I’m gonna put in a minimal
effort, maybe once, and see what happens.

and when you do put in that minimal
effort and you see no result, how would
you try again? why even use the word?

why even bother?

so “should” and “try”, let’s give you another
example.  When you get married, when you
get married and they ask you… for
better for worse, for richer for poorer,
do you take this person to be your lawfully
wedded husband or wife? can you imagine
the reaction if you said “I’ll try, I’ll
try, I’ll attempt it and see what happens.”

can you imagine the reaction from the crowd
from parents, the wife? oh my god! or can
you imagine, “I should”, do you take this
person to be lawfully wedded husband or
wife?  “I should”, I should sounds like a
nice idea, but you’re not gonna do it!

Here, before I leave you today, imagine
this one the combination of the two

“I should try”, oh my god! you’re not even
gonna try! Oh my god, that’s anyway, I’m
gonna leave it there, because I’m gonna
start to laugh if I go any further.

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and I am out


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