No more crash dieting! You shouldn’t have to flip your lives 180 to be fit. Fitness is a PART of your lifestyle and it should work WITH your daily routine. The more seamless and integrated you can keep eating well and exercise with your life, the more consistent and easier it will be to stay fit.

This is an issue that I see all the time when it comes to eating out. Does this sound like you? You deny yourself to go eat out because you want to “stick to your diet” and when you do go out it’s a FEAST. Or its harder to control your cravings and desires when you finally eat out.

No more! You CAN go out to eat with friends regularly. Just make these easy swaps to stay fuller and keep your waistline a little trimmer. Don’t feel guilty that you are going out to eat, you need to enjoy yourself.

Burger – Sub for a whole wheat bun or a lettuce wrap
Fries – Sub for yam fries or a salad/veggies with dip
Salad – Sub for balsamic/olive oil dressing or dressing on the side (don’t use all of it!)
Pizza – Sub for a whole wheat thin crust, with NO EXTRAS!
Rice Bowls – Sub for quinoa, brown rice, or get half rice
Pasta – Sub for whole wheat pasta
Sushi – Sub brown rice, or order sashimi with a side of rice
Pancakes – Sub oatmeal

Crispy Chicken – Sub grilled chicken or grilled fish
Chicken Wings – Get salt and pepper or hot sauce (rather than the creamy, sweet sauces)
Dessert – only order if you and a friend can share ONE order

Making these small adjustments will give you the satisfaction of eating out and zero guilt! Don’t beat yourself up for going out, the fact that you are willing to make these substitutions are already a win.

Carbs have long been a “bad word” in the fitness/health world. There is no need to fear eating carbs as long as you make healthier carb choices. The reason why we recommend choosing whole wheat instead of white or yam fries instead of regular is because these are made of complex carbohydrates.

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. Complex carbohydrates are made up of longer chains of sugar molecules which in turn takes your body longer to digest. As a result of this, your blood sugar raises at a lower rate when your body is processing it. When you eat simple carbohydrates, the quicker your blood sugar spikes, which makes you hungrier, more tired when it crashes, and easier to lead to diabetes or weight gain.

Eating carbs are actually good for you because your body uses it to create glucose which is a primary energy source. On the contrary, not eating enough carbs often lead to fatigue, weakness, headaches, muscle cramps, etc…

Key take aways from this post
1. You can go out to eat with your friends in moderation
2. Carbs are not EVIL
3. Not all carbs are created equal
4. Simple carbs spike your insulin faster
5. Carbs are GOOD for you


– Clara Coelho, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond

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