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The path to CONFIDENCE through TRAINING

Over the years I have trained, I have had countless clients that experience subpar confidence in their daily living activities. Whether it is work, school, communication, sports; they are unable to achieve or experience it at the highest level. This is a very odd concept as I see the fullest potential in all of these people, but they are unable to express themselves fully. 

Once they accept that it is a confidence issue, they begin to wonder how they are able to develop and build it. Do they need to get a better job? Do they need to be more assertive? What is the X factor? In this article, I will give you the express way to build that confidence – THROUGH TRAINING. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on tip to build confidence. 


These goals do not need to be insanely difficult. They don’t need to be “bench three plates”. They don’t need to be “achieve below 10% body fat”. 

All they need to be are simple goals that require you to put some work in in order to succeed. For example, it can be “for the next 4 weeks, eat some fruits and vegetables every day.” Most people can do that and by most, I mean 99% of the population can do this if they put the work in. By the end of four weeks, you have destroyed this goal and have improved yourself by eating healthier. This has pulled you up on a higher level of self – your physical self. Higher level of self is a higher confidence self. 

Putting this into context, you can also set some training goals as well. Again, they do not need to be crazy goals. Let’s say “to train 4 times a week, for 4 weeks straight”. That is a quite attainable goal for most people; but you need to put in the work. Once you climb over this challenge, I can assure you that your confidence will spike. Ask your personal trainer on tips on goal setting. 

Increase your numbers on a particular lifts

This refers to mainly compound lifts such as bench press, squats and deadlifts – and to an extent pull-us and shoulder press. Set a goal to how heavy you want to lift, and work towards it. This is a longer process because increasing strength by numbers will require time. 

For example, you are currently at 135 lbs on your squat for 5 repetitions and you want to get to 225 lbs. First get comfortable with the 135 lbs then week by week add 10 lbs to it. Once you manage to find the plateau, train at it until it becomes doable. Slowly, but surely, you will reach your goal. 

Key point here: once you reach your goal, you will feel UNSTOPPABLE. You have spent the time and effort working towards your goal, and now you have reached it. You have also got a whole lot stronger. This confidence will transfer to your everyday life and you will be able to walk through life with your head held high. Ask your personal trainer on how to increase in strength lifts. 

Coach Marco’s life experience

The gym has always been a place to build people UP; never down. It is always a place of positive attitude and a place of self-nurturing. The gym has always been my temple for self-reflection and realignment. 

I remember multiple times where I suffered sporting injuries and needed to build myself back up. I went to the gym. I knew it took time but surely I was able to build myself back up to what I was before – or even better. I am very fortunate to be in the field of rehab, strength and conditioning. I used my knowledge to pick myself back up. 

When I was injured, my confidence dropped. I was injured and I was weak. How could this have happened to me? It was through the gym where I picked up my broken pieces and glued myself back together with crazy sticky gorilla glue. After returning to sport, my confidence rose like no tomorrow. 

Until next time, 

Coach Marco