If there could be a 6 step recipe for straight MASS, would you follow it with no questions asked? If there was a procedure that by-passes all the bullsh*t to get as strong as possible would you follow it? 

Well you’re about to find out in this article. This formula has been adopted from the ‘Strength Sensei’ – a highly sought after strength mentor. In this article I will break down each step and explain why it is essential to build mass. You can eliminate all else. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond what they would recommend for mass gain. 

Follow the 2% rule

This is a very straight forward rule with regards to constant overloading of the muscles and nervous system. Record your weights used in workout #1. In workout #2, either add 2% of the weight in workout 1 OR add one more repetition (whichever you see fit). 

The reason for this is so you constantly stress your muscle and mind for constant adaptation. There is no point in wasting time in your progress. 

If you fall short of adding 2% of weight or one more repetition, you need to change program. You are no longer making adaptations. You may change your routine, exercise or even the variation of the exercise. Apply the 2% rule to this new routine until you fall short again; then repeat. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond how to apply weight progression. 

Keep a detailed log book 

Keeping a record of your routine, weights and repetition is crucial to progress your performance. In addition, this book is to make sure that your training conditions always remain the same so you can PROGRESS from it. Same is not good; you must progress. 

Don’t shorten or prolong the rest intervals. Move onto your next set or exercise in a timely manner using a clock or a stop watch. Do NOT go on your phone and scroll through Instagram. This will only prolong your rest period and ruin your gains. 

Eliminate “garbage reps” 

Garbage reps is defined as same load but fewer reps; OR same reps but lighter load. You need to focus on the prescribed repetition at the prescribed weight for gains. 

But don’t panic if you do fall short of repetitions or prescribed weights. The key point is to have sufficient tension. This is what gives you the adaptation needed in the weight room. 

If you keep repping out an exercise when the tension is no longer sufficient, it becomes useless. It could decrease recovery, drain the nervous system, deplete energy stores and may ultimately lead you to overtraining. All these are negative training outcomes. 

If you hit a PB, stop the exercise

This one is targeting more strength gains rather than size. If you manage to hit a PB (personal best), congratulations! But stop the exercise. The reason for this is to stop your temptation to repeat the performance. It may feel great to hit that record but just stop; you can add more weight the next workout. 

If you’re doing a superset, take a longer rest interval and finish the remaining sets of the other exercise. You will see the gains in the next workout. You can apply the 2% rule for the same exercise. 

Eat and supplement wisely 

Health is the foundation of performance. Stop. Read that again. 

You can’t perform if you are not healthy. Training is a stress so you need to equip your body in order to adapt and recover to get the positive results. Intense training creates inflammatory reactions – which is normal. Your job is to ensure that you put good things in your body to recover from it. 

Your body can only handle so much stress before the balance is lost and the training effects turn into a negative one. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond for advice on nutrition and supplementation. 

Create nurturing lifestyle habits 

The last step here is to wrap-up the entire formula. 

You need to be super CONSERVATIVE with recovery, and super AGGRESSIVE with training. Of course, don’t take your recovery for granted – but at the same time, don’t abuse it either. Take the time to recovery, but get right back to training right away. 

With training, go hard. Train as hard as you can without any injuries. It is as simple as that. With that advice, go get it. 

Until next time, 

Coach Marco

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