The New Years Fitness Resolution Guide (Part 1)

New Years is just around the corner and the fitness resolution panic is once again back! Yikes, all the treats and extremely calorie dense meals have since been digested and your post-holiday inner voice is screaming at you. So what do you do now?

DON’T PANIC. I am here and I have a guide for you to make some realistic and easy ways to set your new years resolutions (I like to call them intentions). I want you to avoid ever needing to make another new years fitness resolution again because you are going to stay consistent and it is going to work FOR YOU.

First off all, I don’t want this to be hard work. Of course we all want to push ourselves to the limit and start a fitness frenzy that will lead you onto the couch with 3 boxes of chocolates by Valentine’s Day. I’m sure we have all tried this method and we are sitting right here back in the same spot (psst – because it doesn’t work.)

Before we start cutting our calories, going on intense intermittent fasting, or working out twice a day- let’s scale back and do the basics first:

  1. Eat healthier options on a regular schedule
    WHAT? EAT MORE? Your body needs the nutrition after a 2-3 week binge fest of chocolates and turkey stuffing. There is no need to shock the body by completely denying it of any calories by eating 3 pieces of lettuce and an ounce of chicken.

    Just focus on maintaining your regular eating schedule and fitting in all that healthy good stuff for the month of January. Once you get back into the rhythm of healthier eating for a couple of weeks, you can then make adjustments (that I will discuss in part 2!)

  2. Work out!
    Ah there it is – WORKING OUT! Remember, the more consistently you work out, the easier it is to keep going. The key to this is not pushing 100% every time you step into the gym, especially if you have decided to take the entire winter break off. Start off by going and putting in 40-60% of effort at the gym and let your body get used to the motions again. Making it incredibly easy for yourself is going to change your subconscious thinking of how difficult or bothersome it is.
  3. Sleep
    Trust me. It doesn’t sound like it is important, but I guarantee you this is a HUGE key to your fitness goals. When you are sleep deprived, the hormones in your body are not properly regulated and your mind starts to get fuzzy. Your brain will naturally tell your body not to do anything active and strenuous because of how tired you are. Also, you will be more naturally inclined to eat whatever you feel like.
  4. Self Care
    Make sure you give yourself an 30m-1hr in a day to practice some self care. Self care can be anything from taking a bath, reading, working on a craft project, or even playing some video games. Whatever helps you wind down and relax. It is unhealthy to overwork yourself to your limits, but it is also bad if you give yourself TOO MUCH self care time. Balance is key with this one!

Thats it! Be more aware of these four things for the month of January and you can do part 2 once everything is settled in. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take a time because a healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination.

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