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There are many times that I felt unmotivated to do anything. Even when it came to working out, and I thought that was the one thing I loved to do the most. It was usually the thing that gave me the energy to carry out my tasks throughout the day. I felt lost and confused. I wondered, “Why am I so unmotivated, even when it comes to exercising?”


I kept thinking why I felt so lost and why I lost my enjoyment in the one thing that kept me on track all these years. I kept reflecting on my actions and trying to figure out the missing pieces. My friends have consulted me about this situation to analyze this troubling matter in my mind. The talk with my friends got me to rethink my situation.  It made me think of the current things I was doing, then I realized 2 that were breaking down my motivation and kept me low.


Comparing Yourself to Others

I noticed how successful my peers were, which caused me to look at myself negatively compared to them. It got me to think “they’re progressing so far ahead, and I’m still here. The same old loser that haven’t achieved anything.” This type of thinking was a big attack on my self-esteem as it would serve as a detour to lead you away from your stepping into the right direction.

The attack on myself self-esteem really pushed me to set myself back from taking on the actions because I thought I would never be as good as them. “I kept thinking like would never be as fit as that guy or gal” 

Now that I’ve realized things like this, I catch myself when I compare myself to others, and tell myself that I’m on my own journey and I should be focusing on my own goals. Therefore, I tend to do less comparisons now.



My indecisiveness, over the years has really taken a toll on me. Whether it’s the little things like “Should I take have the salad or the soup” or bigger decisions like “Should I go workout today or nah”, they all build up and caused a delay in taking action. Therefore, preventing me from believing in the things I do. 

The thing I learned now is to do what your gut tells you do during that situation because we already have the answer inside, we’re just need to give ourselves that little push and do it. Even when we’re mentally uncomfortable doing the task as that is when we should do it most.


Whenever you catch yourself doing things like these, tell yourself you’ve achieved many great things and be grateful for those achievements. Continue to push yourself to work towards your own goals without worrying about what others are doing. 


I know you can do it!


  • Keric 

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