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What if I told you there are only FOUR factors you need to focus on and develop in order to maximize your health and performance potential? You can concentrate all your efforts and resources into these four things to reach maximum potential. 

If you are a weekend warrior, you can utilize each of these pillars to crush your competition on the weekend whether it be a recreational sport or your workout. You can also take these developed pillars and excel in your day to day work and living. I assure you that you will be at your fullest working capacity and living life at its fullest. 

Take the above example to the extreme; if you are a pro-level athlete looking to increase your game, developing these pillars is exactly what you need. If you are looking to cut off that 0.10 time in your 40-yard dash, this is it. 

This article will break down and discuss each pillar and how to build it. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond for their input on physical mastery. 


This pillar is debatable the most important. What you eat, you become. If you put trash in your system, you become trash. Of course the opposite is true as well – if you put high-quality nutritious food in your system, you become a high-performing individual. 

What you eat affects brain function, hormones and mental performance. If your goal is to tap into the mindset of a pro-athlete, then you need to put in the right type of food in your system.  Take-away point: it is about supporting your body, goals, and preferences. 

It isn’t about strict rules because that will make you hate your system. It is about planning ahead of time and allowing you to eat foods you enjoy while staying in the frame of supporting your goals. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on their advice on nutrition. 


There is a famous saying: “do not speak badly of yourself, for the Warrior within hears your words and is lessened by them”. If you talk badly about yourself, your unconscious will hear it and will be depressed lower into a whole. 

What is the solution? Don’t talk bad about yourself. Instead, talk yourself UP. Increase your confidence by POSITIVE self-talk. Constantly remind yourself what you are good at and your strong points. Don’t be afraid to boost yourself up. Yes, being humble is a good trait to have – but if it is hindering your performance, then scrap that trait completely. Well-being and performance come first. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on their input on mindset. 


Like EXOS has put it “recovery is balance”. In order to maintain and improve the body and mind, you need to balance the body. Training and daily living stresses the body, meaning it breaks it down. Recovery is the opposite, it builds it back up. You MUST have both in order grow. 

Remember, recovery is not a one-time deal. It is not the only thing you do after a very hard training session. You also need to recovery after games, practices as well as training sessions. A consistent recovery routine helps build resilience to stress on the body and mind when it hits. 

We must not forget the importance of sleep. You can be doing all of the other pillars perfectly but the second you do not prioritize sleep, everything falls apart. Sleep allows the entire body and mind to reset and refresh itself. Sleep is critical. 


Last but definitely not least is movement. This directly influences our muscles, bones and nervous system. The more we use our movement, the better it becomes and the more efficient our system becomes. 

The benefit of movement is countless but then again, the list of downsides of inactivity is quite long as well. Our bodies were built to move and our hearts were meant to race. Either you use it or lose it! 

Remember, you get older every day which means your body also gets older every day. You have all the resources to slow it down from aging as well as making it stronger and resilient every day. 

Until next time, 

Coach Marco