I’ve heard this very often – I want to try keto or what I want to try being a vegan. Or simple as I want to cut down my sugar intake or have less beers.

But that pesky question always comes up – HOW?! I can’t commit to this for the life of me.

I have come up with 5 easy steps you can use in order to achieve your goal.

Here’s my story and this is how I got started:

I’ve been thinking about going vegan for months now and I’ve been shying away from it because I keep telling myself that it is going to be too tedious to cook meals or worry about how I am going to attend family dinners.

I’m positive my family and friends are rolling their eyes so hard at me at this point because I keep bringing it up and NOT doing it!

I finally took the plunge and now I am currently on my 1 month vegan journey. It is not without it’s challenges, but I will write about that another time 🙂

  1. Set a goal
    Pick the thing that you want to do. In my case I want to see if going vegan is the right choice for me. After all, you cannot tell what is going to work in your benefit if you do not try.

    Don’t just think about setting the goal in your mind. You need to write it down and share it with your closest family and friends.

    OK so now you have written down what you want to do  – now you need to write down WHY you want to do it. This is going to be key, when things get hard you want to be able to read this and remind yourself why you are doing this.

    Write this in as many places as you can. Write it in your daily planner, write this in your phone notes, write this on your white board, write a note on the fridge – EVERYWHERE!

    Make sure you don’t write something generic like “I want to eat less in a week” because that is not measurable and you wouldn’t be able to tell if you have actually achieved it or not.

    If you’re not sure how specific something is, like how many beers you have on average, then switch it to days like “I won’t have any beers on Wednesdays for a whole month.

    Alright, no more time to waste – stop reading this and write it down NOW!

  2. Find the easiest way to get started

    Now you need to find the easy way out. Making something ridiculously easy is going to help you achieve this goal much quicker.

    For myself, I removed the obstacle of “WHAT AM I GOING TO COOK!?” and I ordered a meal plan service. Why? Because it was the easiest thing I can do, and it will first start me in the right direction, so I can figure it out as I go along. Nowadays, meal plan services are EVERYWHERE and they cater to EVERYTHING!

    Yes, they are going to be on the pricier side, but at least I am going to stay COMMITTED! (I sure as hell am not going to throw away an uneaten $10-12 meal)

    If you are doing something like quitting sugar for a month, then the EASIEST way would be to avoid the junk food section completely and always reject the dessert menu. Taunting yourself with the sugar and then beating yourself up for not having “iron willpower” is not the right way. You don’t dangle a steak in front of a lion and expect it to sit there patiently.

  3. Commit for a month
    Make your goal just challenging enough to stick with it. I always say a month is a great amount of time to really get to know if something is working for you.

    Print out a month and check it off with a big fat red marker. That way you can visually see your progress every day and let it serve as a constant reminder. (Sounds like a great place to write your goal and WHY!)

  4. Always have a plan
    Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you are going to cut out sugar or beer, then you should 100% avoid situations that will involve either or. Again, we are not here to taunt ourselves and wonder why we can’t stick to our word.

    We are ONLY committing for a month. It is only saying no for 30 days- which truly is going to fly by.

    If you are looking to commit to a dietary change, you should make sure you plan out your meals and research restaurants that can accommodate you before making plans to go eat.

  5. Pick someone that can hold you accountable or do it with you
    Seriously! Do it! The best thing I’ve ever done was betting a friend to take dieting and working out seriously. It was literally a game of the biggest loser and the person that did not stick to their plan had to dish out $200. (I am proud to say that I won)

    It is seriously easy, especially when you are training at Crux with a group of like minded people. Find someone who has the same goals as you and set it up! You’re going to see them during class anyways, so you can check up on each other!

Until next time,
– Clara Coelho, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond
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