Gage is on vacation in Brazil, so Min-ju and Yeuk re-visits 3 of the previous challenges to see if Min-ju has gotten better, and for Yeuk to set his own Personal Record…

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Fitness is about behaviour modification, it is about adapting and falling in love with a lifestyle.

Once you do that, then the fat loss, the weight loss, the muscle gain, all of that will come as a result of your change in behaviour.

One of the best way to keep fitness fun and motivating is to set personal records on any challenges or exercises of your choice. The added short term challenge will keep you focused and add more FUN into your workout.

And in this video, Min-ju and Yeuk attempts 3 of the challenges from our previous videos.

So let’s see what we got going on in this fitness workout challenge video.

Challenge 1: Box jump. In the previous challenge attempt, Min-ju was able to jump onto 2 boxes plus a 45 lb bumper plate. Let’s see if Min-ju has improved. We will also find out how high Yeuk can jump.

Challenge 2: The shoulder maximal hold. Min-ju lasted 8 seconds in this brutally shoulder strength challenge previously. Let’s see Min-ju can break his own record and if Yeuk can set a new record.

Challenge 3: The Pushup Challenge. Min-ju previously bested Gage in a head to head pushup challenge. This time, Min-ju and Yeuk goes head to head and see who can last longer.

Go ahead and try these challenges and set your own personal record.

The more muscle you can build, the more weight loss, fat loss results you will see. The more fun you have training and keeping fit, the easier it is to keep it up, for a lifetime.


➡️Here is a great barbell to do those shoulder presses:

➡️Need a landmine for the landmine press? here is a great one: