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The Best Workout Gear! What Should You Wear to Workout? 

I CAN’T BELIEVE MY EARS! I couldn’t believe when I heard someone ask me what to wear to the gym. You’d think it’s common sense for something like this because it’s gym strip like PE class in elementary and high school.  Maybe it’s just common sense to someone like myself since I’ve been exercising at the gym for a long time now. 


Perhaps for beginners, it’s a bit too much to wrap around their heads at first. They feel intimidated by whatever is shown in the media about fitness. You’re not entering a fashion show, however, you should still dress well so you can feel good as well. Yes, I did mention gym strip before, but that doesn’t mean any plain old t-shirt, shorts and runners. It should be clothing that you’re comfortable exercising in.


Workout Apparel 

The clothing I wear to workout are made out of polyester. This type of material is light in weight, wrinkle free, abrasion resistant, strong and It also dries quickly. Polyester clothing will make you feel light when moving, flexible so you as it won’t restrict any movement, and also it dries quickly so you won’t need to worry about those armpit stains. Many people wear cotton clothing as well as it is comfortable and breathable. Also, cotton is affordable. However, if you’re the type of person that sweats quite a bit, the material will get quite heavy and moist as it absorbs all the sweat. If you’re a female, get a sports bra as well, but make sure it provides support and comfort so it fits snugly and doesn’t restrict movement. 

Perhaps, there are certain brands that you already prefer to wear not only because of the material but because you also feel, empowered by the brand. Maybe it’s Nike or LYFT clothing that helps feel limitless and gives you the satisfaction. The brands I prefer are Barbell Brigade and Gymshark, as I feel empowered by the slogans Dominate Humbly” and “Be a Visionary. 



Runners are most common among people at the gyms especially because people’s feet are most comfortable with these. They provide stability, motion control and cushion when moving. The comfortability runners provide, it’s only natural, we’d all gravitate towards them. Well honestly, I prefer to workout in sneakers as they provide a flat surface. The flat surface maintain the balance during squats and deadlifts as the heels are kept on the ground with the flat surface. My feet are flat, therefore sneakers work better for me. There are individuals that wear squat shoes to help them with the balance as it provides support for the heels. However, everyone has different shaped feet, so pick out the pair of shoes that you’re most comfortable with.

In terms of socks, any type of socks that gives the comfortability and breathable feeling you need, you should go for those. You don’t need those fancy deadlift socks or soccer socks that go up to your shins. However, I do recommend materials such as acrylic as cotton will absorb the sweat and will lead to blisters. 



Some additional items are necessities but aren’t really things you wear. These items are such as towels, water bottles, gym bag, lock and a smart watch. Towels are needed to wipe your sweat to keep yourself and the workout equipment sanitary. The water bottles for you to drink water to stay hydrated to prevent heat exhaustion. Gym bags are needed to hold all your gym strips, gym shoes, and gym accessories. The lock is much need to store your belongings in the gym lockers at the gym. Then a smart watch is for the heart rate monitor to help you track where your heart rate should be at so you don’t overwork yourself. There is a certain level that your heart rate should be at so you don’t cause any damage to your body. The watch is also to help time your breaks and training intervals.


Overall, these are my opinion based on my experience in the fitness industry. These are my recommendations, but you should choose whatever makes you comfortable and empowers you. Let me know in the comments what you prefer.


Remember Stay Strong! Until next time.


  • Trainer Keric

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