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The 9-5 Dream! But Filled with Days of Stress

So now, we’re all at the age where we’re working or starting the 9-5 dream jobs. Well not really the dream, but at least, it’s an industry that we have somewhat of an interest in. It’s the job that our parents made us pursue to build a steady income and stable life. 


We followed through with that dream of creating a stable and safe life for ourselves. However, in the process of that, we built up stress in our minds that is constantly breaking us down mentally as more work is thrown at us in the work environment. We follow the same routine, day after day, week after week, and so on. Therefore, all that stress builds up inside our minds and may lead to burning out, depression or even worse.


Lucky for us, the medicine is right in front of us. From my experience, the best way to release that stress is by exercising. Sometimes after we have that rough day at work, where we have clients that are so hard to deal with and or that unreasonable manager that keeps throwing work at you; we need that one activity to help release all that anger and energy built inside of us. Especially, when we’re overwhelmed to the point where we’re freaking out. 


The aerobic exercise movements help calm down out body and spirits as it reduces the stress hormones that our body produces such as adrenaline and cortisol. The exercise movements will trigger our bodies to produce more endorphins, which are chemicals within our brains that serve as natural painkillers. These chemicals will cause that relaxing feeling after exerting all that anger and energy in a workout. After all my intense workouts, I always feel that extra sense of energy along with that relaxing sensation and I often feel my mood is 10 times better than it was before the workout. 


As exercising controls your mood, it creates the similar benefits as meditation. Meditation focuses on relaxing on the mind and body, it redirects our attention elsewhere. The benefits are similar because when we workout, we’re focusing our attention on the repetitive motion. Overall, calmness and clarity will appear in our minds and bodies as our minds are cleared from the stress at work. The last thing we want to do after a long rough day from work is to think about it some more. Therefore, a physical activity will completely alter our mood and attention. 


We all know that exercise helps our physical health, but that physical health will play a factor to our mental health as well. As our immune system improves, we’re less likely to be prone to illness and diseases, our sleep becomes better, and blood circulation is better controlled. All these health improvements will make us portray ourselves in a more positive way. Since we can look into the mirror see a brand new improved version of ourselves, we can look at ourselves and say “WE’RE AWESOME”


Nevertheless, exercise is the one thing we should implement into our lives. We needed it while we were young, we will need it while we’re old. Physical activities such as weight lifting, running, biking, hiking, swimming, various sports, dancing, etc. are all great ways we can use to help relieve that stress from work. 

Remember Stay Strong and Take Care!


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