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I lost over 100lbs!

I have always been the “Fat Kid” ever since I can remember. I have tried a lot of different diets and have been able to lose weight using the diet, but I will always gain the weight back.

After I started training with Crux Fitness, I have finally found the game changer. A combination of healthy eating AND exercise.

I have lost over 100lbs with Crux and have been able to start doing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to develop a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to Crux and Titan MMA, I have been able to turn my life around. I am now at 170 lbs and hold the rank of purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under sensei Nabil. My life has never been better.


Coming back from an injury, I wasn’t sure if I will be able to lose the weight that I have gained and regain my fitness.

Thanks to Crux Fitness, I was able to train safely around my injuries and also implement their nutrition system which is very easy to follow.

In the process I have lost over 20 lbs and 11 inches overall.  I cannot say enough good things about Crux Fitness.


The trainers at Crux Fitness are first class and will help you set and attain goals that will transform your life. The atmosphere in their gym is inviting and very motivational.

Training with Crux helped me reach levels of fitness that I never though possible.

Not only did I lose fat, got way stronger and fitter, I have also finally found a fitness lifestyle that is sustainable.


It’s been quite a few years since I began training with Crux Fitness. My original intention was to have a couple of personal sessions, well maybe a month, just to “get the hang” of working out, then I would carry on, on my own.

I was very overweight, had low self esteem and little confidence in myself. My life centered around my desk job of 25 years, during the week, and weekends were spent with family and friends, usually eating out or entertaining at home and just sitting around. I had broken several bones, in the ten years prior to engaging a Personal Trainer, he told me we would work on balance and strengthening my body, we would build a natural cast around my bones.

I was so impressed with my Personal Trainer, the encouragement, guidance and knowledge he has shared with me cannot be compared to anything else. “The Month “ turned into a year and then years. I have changed physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and socially in those years. My general health and appearance have improved, I have more energy now than I have ever had. I lost over 40lbs, my balance and bone density have improved greatly and I have not fallen or broken any bones in years.

Thank You Crux Fitness for enriching my life.


I’ve been with Crux Fitness for almost two years now. I’ve achieved so much with them, things that I never thought I could do – Warrior Dash 2012, Salmon Coho Run 2012, Spartan Race 2013, and Tough Mudder 2013. Most important, is that I now have a strong and healthy body that I sometimes can’t believe is mine!

But ultimately, it’s the environment they create. I trust each and every one of the trainers, believing that they know what’s good for me and that they truly want to see me succeed. They have inspired me to push my limits, made me accountable for my actions and there have definitely been moments of tough love.

These are all things characteristics of a friend and I honestly feel that when I’m at Crux. We’re all friends trying to achieve the same goal – great health (and maybe an immortal life). I’m very grateful to have found Crux Fitness and they have become an important part of my life.


Crux Fitness has the very best trainers you will ever meet. You will enjoy every minute of your work out with one of their super star Crux fitness trainers. They bring positive and high energy to the work out, all are very likeable, awesome guys you’ll ever meet…their training styles are fresh creative, very challenging, you will know you had a great work out after an hour with one of these guys!

They all know there stuff and set you up with workouts that really helps you to reach your personal goals. I enjoyed three times a week group training…just a great atmosphere, music that pumps you up, definitely not like many other gym where you see people sitting around with a lost look on their face, wondering what excise they should try to do next. And what a bonus to make new friendships that will last for a life time.

Thanks Guys for being REAL and for your support and friendship!


I started training with Crux in 2012 because I have finally decided to do something about the 25lbs of fat that I gained over the 4 years of working as a pilot in the Middle East.

When you realize that enough is enough, the next logical step is to find professional help and I can say that Crux Fitness is as professional as they come.

Not only was I able to lose 25lbs of fat, I am able to get into the best shape of my life and looking BETTER than I have ever felt possible.

The best part about it is that with the help of Crux, I have been able to keep the awesome results that I have achieved. I look forward to working with Crux for as long as I live. Fitness is a lifestyle.


Since starting Premium Personal Training with Crux Fitness,I have lost over 25lbs, and for the first time, have achieved a much leaner and defined physique. I can finally see my abs! This is exactly what I was looking for.

All the trainers at Crux are awesome! I also feel that the nutrition support provided with the training gave me the best results. Crux Fitness covered all angles towards my current goal with a complete system.

I would recommend Crux Fitness to anyone! Do not hesitate! Hesitation is a loss in progress!

Gerry V.

I lost 20lbs in 3 months working out with their group training at the Richmond location. I lost my belly and now have abs. Super friendly people and a welcoming environment. My wife and i worked out together. It’s not a gym with a bunch of intimidating muscle heads, just regular people getting in shape. The trainers are awesome, great motivators with out being jerks. They are thorough in making sure they understand any injuries you may have so you don’t get hurt.


In 2001 I was told that I had to have major surgery and was absolutely freaked out. I had never had surgery before, was 30 lbs over weight, unfit,and convinced that a strong heart was essential before going under the knife.

I quickly signed up as a member of a local gym, determined to do whatever necessary to ensure a successful surgery. It was then that I met Dennet. I was nervous and shy at first, never having a personal trainer, but by the end of our first session, I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym.

Dennet was friendly, professional, understanding, and very encouraging. He always made me feel like I could do anything and that the possibilities were limitless.

His training style was so much fun that I wouldn’t think about how hard I was working. I developed a passion for fitness and with Dennet’s encouragement, I became an aerobic instructor and later a personal trainer.

I continue to be one of Dennet’s clients and I look forward to each training session as much as I did eleven years ago.


The idea of personal trainers can be very intimidating, but Dennet really knows what he’s doing and is not intimidating to work with at all. He’s professional and knowledgeable, but also friendly, approachable, and motivating… really just a pleasure to train with! He tailors programs to your wants/needs and will get you that bikini body in time for summer!


Through Dennet’s generosity, I have trained there in the past while preparing for a fitness competition. While I have never been personally trained by Dennet, he has always been a solid source of motivation and encouragement for me throughout the years – not only when it comes to fitness, but in all aspects of life.


WORTH EVERY PENNY! Dennet is a perfect balance of Hard-Assed Personal Trainer and a motivating Modern Day Confucius! I have been going to Revelations Training for the past 3 years. I am stronger, have a better physique and I have improved my posture. Friends and clients who have not seen me for a while always comment on how I have changed physically. I was referred to Dennet by a friend and I don’t hesitate referring him to my friends. Thanks Dennet! You are awesome at what you do!!!


Best Trainer Ever!!

Dennet is an amazing trainer and has motivated me to keep working hard. He makes a difference in people’s lives by improving their health and fitness. Not everyone can say their profession makes such an impact!!

Todd and Julie

My time working out with Dennet at his gym was always a great experience.

It started with my husband Todd and I working out together and Dennet always making it feel like recess. My husband and I work together just the two of us and we needed an outlet to go and just have fun.  We were always happy to go to Dennet’s. There was never the feeling of despair like you’re going just to torture yourself it was always the excitement with how far and how hard you were going to push yourself this time with Dennet cheering you on all the way. I have found personally that I need that cheering section, someone who is as committed to me as I am to myself to attaining that next goal I had set. Dennet never faltered in that respect. It never mattered who you were or what your decision was to join the gym he always made you feel important and that what you believed you needed to do mattered.

Dennet always pushes the envelope too as to how one would work out. For example he can push your comfort zone and encourage you to try new things like standing on an exercise ball to do squats. Never in a million years did I think I could stand on a ball without seriously injuring myself let alone do squats. However, with extreme encouragement I did and it was the most fantastic thing I’d ever done. I was so proud to have succeeded and all through the process Dennet didn’t even flinch once when I’d grab his arm, just in case in the beginning, he just kept smiling and said keep going. With all the crazy fun things we did Dennet is always about safety, he never leaves your side until you both are extremely confident with the task at hand. I have so many fond memories of jumping and landing on exercise balls, doing ab crunches upside down with gravity boots, even the mundane like push-ups. Dennet’s puts a twist in with hanging exercise rings.

As I mentioned when I started working out with Dennet it was just my husband and I but the group grew to include my brother and now my friend Ken and his daughter and now my friend Meg and her and my now friend Iona. We would all get together and Dennet would have planned a rotational work-out or something that interested all of us. You would think with such a large group someone would feel left out but that’s not the case. We all had a blast working out together and Dennet was the glue that made it all happen because he didn’t favour anyone one person. That is just it with his gym it is all about the personal touches then the bottom line. It doesn’t matter whether you’re training with Dennet or one of the other trainers at the gym he will always make you feel welcome as will the rest. If you’re a person who enjoys working out but still wants the warmth of a human connection not just a person going through the paces with you then I would suggest definitely giving Dennet a chance.


Training with Dennet has definitely changed my outlook in life. His endless encouragement and ball-breaking insults helped me blow past my self imposed limits not just in regards to my training, but in all activities and challenges that life brings me. Add that to the remarkable energy and constant enthusiasm he brings, and I had an experience that brought back the youthful exuberance in me.” The time I’ve spent with Dennet has not only enhanced my well being, it has dramatically improved my way of life.


I began working out with Dennet at a time that I was working out regularly with another trainer. I was a 3 day a week client with my other trainer. So I went to see Dennet 2 days a week and develop a 5 day a week healthy habit.

Seeing as going to the gym was not unusual for me I wasn’t expecting to feel like a first timer! After the first workout I FELT IT- I felt like I had never worked out ever before!

Well, my body loved AND hated my time at the gym with Dennet. “Hated” because we worked on muscles that had long been neglected in my regular routine and LOVED because it responded immediately with sculpting me a whole new look!

Dennet is a wonderful balance of tough AND kind!
Never satisfied with the same old same old, Dennet makes sure you can look forward to being challenged and encouraged at every workout!


I was never an active person. However, having met Dennet changed my attitude towards exercising. As a trainer, Dennet was inspiring and always encouraging. His cheerful personality made going to the gym fun. The one hour long workout went by fast and it worked. I felt good and my family and colleagues noticed a positive difference in me. Dennet is hardworking and determined but at the same time, he is down to earth and non-judgmental. Although I do not have a regular exercise routine, Dennet has influenced me to get active whenever I can afford the time. I have Dennet to thank for wanting to be healthy, and for wanting to feel good about myself.

Julian and Morgan

I can’t say enough great things about Dennet and his company, Revelations. Dennet is a fun, motivating, high energy personal trainer. His caring ways, passion for exercise and enthusiasm were exactly what I needed to get a jump start with my work outs. His knowledge has helped me to tailor my workouts to my personal needs while ensuring the sessions are both interesting, and challenging. I always look forward to a workout with Dennet and would recommend him to anybody!


My name is Gayle and I am 69 years old (70 in a couple of weeks), I find that hard to say because I feel better, younger and stronger than I did at the age of 59, which is when I started training with Dennet. Until the age of 50+, when I first joined a gym, I lead a very sedentary life, I did not participate in sports as a child or young adult. I had broken several bones after the age of 45, when I met with Dennet and told him that, he told me we would build a cast around my bones without breaking them first. He was so right, my balance has improved greatly and my last bone scan showed that I no longer have osteoporosis in my spine. I haven‘t broken a bone in years. I lost a total of over 40 lbs & several inches from my body. I have learned better eating habits and Dennet has supported and encouraged me all along, he is always just a phone call or email away. He has taught me to believe in myself. He makes working out so much fun that I really look forward to my training sessions with him. He inspired me to become a personal trainer myself, after retirement from a 25 year job. Dennet is a one of a kind trainer and individual. Over the span of 11 years, he has become so much a part of my life, a great friend, has met most of my family and is a role model for one of my grandchildren, who is now a successful business person. Thank you so much Dennet, from the bottom of my heart.


The first time I walked into Revelations, I knew I wasn’t in your average gym.  The gym gave off a more personal and more specialized vibe that you won’t find in a big box chain gym.  The gym is clean like a spa and extremely organized.  This is great since most gyms have hygiene issues that may cause infections!

For my first workout with trainer, Dennet Lee, I brought along a friend(beginner level) and we requested a workout that would challenge both of us and would suit our different fitness levels (mine would be more advanced than my friend’s).  Dennet designed a workout that fit my goals, as well as my friend’s goals.  The best part was my friend and I still were able to workout together because Dennet showed us the beginner moves and the corresponding advanced moves to each exercise.  The workout kicked our butts!

The exercises that we learned that day were very challenging, time efficient, and we could feel the fat melt off our bodies!Dennet was an amazing instructor.  He knows what you can do and will push you to reach new goals.  He is tough but extremely encouraging and has many wise sayings to motivate you.  Dennet is not just a fitness trainer, but he is a lifestyle guru.  Not only is he easy on the eyes, but also I appreciate his intelligent approach to health and fitness.  Dennet doesn’t treat personal training merely as a job, but he truly has a passion for people and he cares on a personal level about each and every one of his clients. Overall, I highly recommend Dennet.  If you want to see results, you have to come to him.

Victor and Melissa

Dennet’s methods are effective. He is patient and motivating but pushes you to do your best. He is personable and changes his exercises so it is never boring.


Dennet is a dedicated and highly creative personal trainer. He uses his vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition to help the individual needs of his clients. Although his workouts can be challenging, he never fails to be there to support, encourage, and celebrate his client’s achievements. Dennet has a natural ability to motivate, inspire and draw out the very best out of people. His outgoing and friendly manner, coupled with his rich educational background makes him an excellent personal trainer for anybody looking to see results, have fun and achieve their goals.


I was stuck in certain workout plateau and needed to shake things up and after working out with Dennet for several months I attained amazing results – I have never felt stronger or healthier, my body tone and flexibility have improved immensely. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results I want.

Dennet is an outstanding master of his craft! He is incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; expert in running, weight training, martial arts. He is very detail oriented, exceptionally good with cuing and has a spontaneous personality that makes workouts fun! Having attained his Kinesiology degree and numerous fitness certifications, he is the standard by which any trainer should be measured. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Dennet will lead you every step of the way.


Dennet has helped me work towards my goals and pushed me to achieve my dreams, I am where I am today thanks to his training, wisdom and guidance.


For me, my workouts with Dennet were always therapeutic. When I started working out again, after taking many years off, due to chronic pain, I was not sure how much I would be able to do. Dennet, always encouraged me to at least try to do every exercise. He understood that everyone has a different fitness level, and at the same time, he could always get me to challenge myself, and push myself even harder. I consider my workouts, one of the most important things, that helped me get through some very emotional times. Even if I was physically, and emotionally exhausted, I knew that after my workout, I would feel relaxed, both mentally and physically. I am truly grateful for all his therapy, and motivation to keep fighting, and not give up!!!!!


Once in a lifetime do you get to meet a person like Dennet Lee. Dennet is one of the most dedicated people I know, not only to health and fitness, but also to his clients. One of the most honourable attributes in a person and a trainer is to practice what they teach. Dennet is living proof of that. Dennet has shown us so many creative ways to train that it keeps you wanting more and makes you want to train harder. Not only have I had the privilege to train with Dennet twice a week for the past 2 years as a client, but I have also gained a life long friend while doing so.


Growing up i was always the skinny kid in high school. I always wanted to fill out my body and look ripped. The biggest barriers of reaching my goals were the intimidation of being weak and inconsistency. I hated training! I hated struggling to lift weights that were light to others. I hated the whole process of it. I went to many private studios, gyms, and community centers to obtain aesthetics but always failed until I started training at Revelations. Training here made me feel comfortable about myself and it gave me the confidence, knowledge, and drive to keep pushing forward. I owe my work ethic to this gym and it will always be the roots to my transformation cause this is where it all started for me. Get ripped or die mirin!


Dennet is an amazing trainer! He’s not just a personal trainer, he’s actually passionate with his training. He understands how the body works and the nutritional needs that YOU need to get the perfect body that YOU want. He will push you beyond even what you think you can achieve. You will always feel good about yourself physically and mentally after your workouts with him!


I was looking for help with chronic pain resulting from a fall that shattered my heel. Prescription medication helped but after 2 years and many side effects I wanted to find a better solution – that was Dennet.  Less than 6 months later and I was off all pain medication and doing much better. Now, 10 years later I am still doing great.  I still train with Dennet twice a week  – why?  I cannot make myself work that hard, I am de-stressed (very important to be de-stressed – everyone benefits when you’re de-stressed), I am happier and have more energy.  Most important is that it is so easy, I just keep my training schedule with Dennet and it works like magic!  I am happier, have more energy and less stress!


When it comes to my achieving my fitness goals, Dennet’s commitment usually far exceeds my own…which is sometimes the only thing that pulls me off the couch and into the gym. Every time I come up with reasons why I’m not going to exercise, I hear his voice shooting down all my excuses and I find myself in the car on my way to the gym and one more step in the right direction to being healthier, happier and sexier!


I’ve been training with Dennet for the past 4 years.  He’s always inspiring me to push harder in everything I do and to never give up.  I enjoy working out with him because I get to kill two birds with one stone.  He’s like a therapist to me, he gives me valuable advices and I also get a great workout.

One of the things that I admire most about Dennet is, he always has such a positive outlook on life and has a way of bringing the best out in people both physically and mentally.


Dennet Lee is my friend. We became friends because he is my trainer. When he asked me to write this my only hesitation was I would not be able to fully communicate to you that this guy is the real deal.

Every exercise is well thought and planned just for you. Dennet is the kind of trainer who thinks about you, and what he can do for you, when you are at the gym and when you are not at the gym. Dennet is the kind of trainer who is a Man of his word and a Man of Action. Any exercise he asks you to do, he has done and will continue to do himself.

Mr. Dennet Lee is a rare breed and this kind of quality human being is tough to find these days. If you get a chance to train with him, JUST DO IT!


Dennet is truly the most amazing and caring trainer I know. I have trained with quite a few highly experienced trainers in North America, Dennet is no doubt one of the best. He is very tough to his students, but he is even tougher to himself. He has helped me to become a stronger person, mentally and physically.


I have trained with Dennet since shortly after his SFU graduation in Kinesiology and his beginnings as a Personal Trainer working for other gym owners, and have watched him grow into the person he is now: a confident and knowledgeable trainer, who now co-owns a fitness studio. He has admirable life philosophies, and a passion for working out and life in general that draws people to him. Dennet’s intuition, wisdom and encouraging ways have helped me to become a stronger person.

Who I am is a culmination of all the people who have influenced me, and one of those people who has influenced me in a very positive way mentally, physically and spiritually is Dennet. I am proud to call him my personal trainer but I am prouder still that he has become a life-long friend.


From our initial session three years ago until today, I have always felt that Dennet has put my needs first. During our time together I have evolved from a somewhat amateur to a person who now knows how to work smarter and harder. Dennet’s attention to form is flawless, and each rep is worth the effort. I am very impressed with Dennet’s wide range of knowledge in the fields of nutrition and exercise. He always finds different ways to work a particular body part so that you are always interested and never bored.

Dennet’s professionalism and knowledge set him apart from others in his field. His personality and encouragement keeps me motivated.


Before I worked out with Dennet, the personal trainers I had come into contact with were pretty interchangeable with their approach to working out.  A set list of exercises would be prescribed which you would do independently until your next session.  Dennet’s approach was completely different.  He was incredibly enthusiastic and would come up with interesting, challenging exercises that he would coax you through.  He is excellent at pushing you past your preconceived limits of your physical abilities.  The workouts are never boring and are constantly changing.  I was a client of his for almost 10 years and always looked forward to my sessions with him and always felt like I had an excellent workout at the end.


I’ve been training with Dennet for nearly ten years. I have never found a more intense, yet fun workout anywhere else. Dennet is one of the most accomplished personal trainers I have ever trained with.  He has a great sense of humor and cares about his clients. He is a conscientious and competent professional in the area of strength training and fitness.  Dennet gives me the motivation I need to push myself past my limits and far beyond!


Training with Dennet has pushed my sexiness off the charts! Not only that, but I’m currently in the best shape of my life both mentally and physically after training with Dennet. He’ll keep workouts challenging and always push you to the next level to improve yourself. Dennet’s positive attitude and enthusiasm not only make your worst training days into great ones, but he’ll push you to strive further. Whatever your goal may be, I’d recommend training with Dennet Lee. This guy is gold.


Dennet is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgable about fitness and was dedicated to helping me achieve my personal goals. Training with him was challenging, worthwhile, and most importantly a ton of fun! I highly recommend Dennet to anyone who wants a rewarding workout.

Karen C.

Walking through a fitness centre, I noticed a personal trainer & his client, who was standing on a yoga ball, doing squats, with weights in their hands.  This was my first introduction to Dennet Lee.  I can’t explain what that sight did to me all those years ago but I not only knew I had to hire him, I had to learn to do those things I saw.  Now I understand that this would not be a goal of everyone, nor would it be what inspires all but the things I learned from Dennet not only drastically changed me physically, I was learning about pushing myself beyond my limits. This had a huge impact in my strength of body & mind, my confidence & my desire to continue to challenge myself.  I believe change on the outside has to come with change on the inside & nobody understands that more than Dennet.  Dennet has an incredible ability to read a client & train them that will best suit their personality.  He is a trainer for every body type or any age or ability.  He will motivate you, inspire you & change you from the inside out!  Thanks Dennet!

Jason B.

Three months ago, while talking to a friend about every day ups and downs, I was told. “Let me introduce you to my trainer, He’ll change your life.” In the last three months I have gained twenty pounds of muscle, doubled my strength and stamina, improved my overall attitude at work and home, and all in all feel great! I enjoy the people I train with, and the way you’re able to keep us smiling through the obvious effort it takes to get results like this. I have taken some of what you’ve taught me and used it at home with my son. Our bond has never been better. Through a minimum of two hours a week (more if I have the time), my friend was correct. You have, and continue to, change my life.. Thank you..


Dennet’s energy is contagious the instant you meet him. I’ve known him for many years and am thoroughly impressed by his never-ending enthusiasm and knowledge.  He helped me focus on the areas of my body that I wanted to tone as well as my general fitness level.  He listened carefully to my concerns and took into account my lifestyle and daily demands when designing a program for me. Dennet is extremely supportive and motivating, and challenged me to reach my maximum abilities.


Thank you Dennet for kicking my butt down 4 dress sizes in 3 months and into the best shape of my life!


I play a lot of sports (tennis, ball hockey, soccer, lacrosse) and have never enjoyed training indoors at a gym.  I recognize the benefits of doing so but am easily distracted and become bored very quickly.  Dennet immediately recognized what I needed and was quick to assess my athletic abilities and weaknesses.   Within minutes of each session, I was sweating and challenging myself in ways I love to do.  I had never experienced this outside of my sports.  It’s unbelievable what he can fit into an hour of training.   His sessions pushed me in fun and entertaining ways.  Dennet is very knowledgeable and is a role model of fitness.   He’ll never make you do something he hasn’t tested out himself.  I have a great deal of respect for him as an athlete and a motivator.  Several years ago, my wife and I moved to the Okanagan but I continue to do many of the exercises I learned with Dennet.  I am still standing and squatting on the ball, and benefiting from working my core.   I highly recommend Dennet to any athlete who wants to improve their sports performance and endurance.


In 2001 I was told that I had to have major surgery and was absolutely freaked out. I had never had surgery before, was 30 lbs over weight, unfit, and convinced that a strong heart was essential before going under the knife. I quickly signed up as a member of a local gym, determined to do whatever necessary to ensure a successful surgery. It was then that I met Dennet. I was nervous and shy at first, never having a personal trainer, but by the end of our first session, I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym. Dennet was friendly, professional, understanding, and very encouraging. He always made me feel like I could do anything and that the possibilities were limitless. His training style was so much fun that I wouldn’t think about how hard I was working. I developed a passion for fitness and with Dennet’s encouragement, I became an aerobic instructor and later a personal trainer. I continue to be one of Dennet’s clients and I look forward to each training session as much as I did eleven years ago.


11 years ago I came to Revelations Training after being unsatisfied with previous trainers. Not only did my physical appearance change but the added benefits Revelations delivers such as health and wellness changes and endless support I never would have expected from anyone else!


Dennet’s an awesome trainer and a great mentor to me.  Anyone could just tell you how to exercise with a bunch of nutrition facts, but can they do it with a Bruce Lee-like mentality?
He always inspires me to take it to the next level because there are no boundaries, only the ones we set in our minds.  I am so confident about who I am and what I am capable of once I set my mind to something. I don’t even have to think twice when faced with a challenge because I believe in myself, and I owe it to Dennet instilling that drive to always better myself and everyone around me.


I have been training with Dennet since 2009 and I find what separates him from all other trainers is not just his comprehensive training knowledge and background but further his genuine care and investment in each of his clients.Dennet takes the time to get to know all of his clients and because of that he regularly helps them reach their fitness goals.

All of his workouts incorporate a variety of strength training, cardio, balance and flexibility.This multilevel style of training has helped me loose inches off my waist and lower my body fat percentage.Exercises never become easy with him because he knows exactly how to regularly challenge the body and help you reach new heights. In a fun and safe environment Dennet motivates you to try creative exercises that you never thought possible, eventually making you feel like your potential is limitless. Since working out with Dennet I have not only gained a great trainer but a true friend as well. I could not imagine training with anyone else.


Revelations was pretty much my first experience with personal fitness. Dennet not only trained and taught me proper form for maximizing my workouts, he also explains personal fitness in a different mindset that helps with the overall process.

To sum up Dennet, I would have to say it’s his always positive attitude, philosophical insights, and inspiring behaviour that allows him to be so successful. Thanks for pushing me to be who I am.


I have worked in the fitness industry most of my life, competed many years as one of Canada’s elite athletes and worked with numerous coaches and trainers. There are things I learned while working with Dennet that I have taken forward and included-not only in my philosophy of training, but in my attitude about life. Dennet is an excellent trainer with an infectious zest for fitness and life. I wholeheartedly recommend him.


The results I have achieved while training at Revelations have been amazing!! No matter what your current level is, trainer Dennet Lee can and will get you into the best shape of your life and you will have a great time doing it. He is extremely knowledgeable, motivated and efficient in regards to my training goals. My mobility, stamina, and balance have dramatically improved since coming here and I would highly recommend the Revelations if you have specific training needs and goals that the average gym cannot address.


Dennet Lee is an amazing personal trainer.  I have worked with Dennet for many years and through all levels of fitness – from completely out of shape and overweight to being very fit and below my goal weight.  I have seen Dennet train all kinds of people from physically disabled right up to body builders.  Dennet is unfailingly encouraging and enthusiastic without being over the top.  I never felt that Dennet judged me or was disapproving.  He adapted our workouts to meet my needs and he always kept things interesting.  I was continually inspired and able to go to the gym to work out on my own using Dennet’s techniques.  Dennet’s education and experience enables him to know how the body works and what to do to get to where you want to go.  His attitude is contagious and I always left my sessions feeling energized and happy, even when I had arrived feeling tired and depressed.  I have worked with Dennet alone and in groups of 2 and more – no matter who else is there, I always felt that Dennet gave his full attention and easily altered each activity to meet the fitness needs of each person in the group.  Dennet is more than just a physical trainer – he works with mind and soul as well.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dennet to anyone.


Training with Dennet, I was able to increase my strength and conditioning to meet my goals. The trainers were able to intelligently create exercises for my specific needs. As an MMA athlete, I have very specific goals that I need to meet and was able to achieve that and more here. I feel that their system of training works because they are able to cater to individual needs, show individual attention, & can motivate you in groups as well. I highly recommend training here as you will leave being stronger, healthier, and feeling great!


I had the pleasure of training with Dennet Lee, Personal Trainer many years ago.

The time I trained with him I found him to be truly motivating and a great mentor. Dennet has the natural ability to encourage you break through any barriers and to keep going when you feel you can’t.  He is a very special person and if anyone has the opportunity to work with him, they are truly blessed to work with such a wonderful person.


I started working with Dennet when I was 73. He really changed my life. He encouraged me to do things I never thought I could do. Now at the age of 81, I can still “smoke” my granddaughters with push-ups. The body loves to move and if you keep it challenged, it responds like it always did, when you were younger.I started working with Dennet when I was 73. He really changed my life. He encouraged me to do things I never thought I could do. Now at the age of 81, I can still “smoke” my granddaughters with push-ups. The body loves to move and if you keep it challenged, it responds like it always did, when you were younger.


I have been training with Dennet since 2002 and need to be strong mentally and physically for my job. When you workout every exercise has both a mental and physical component with more than half being mental. I have told Dennet on many occasions that for me he is both a Trainer and a Psychologist. Many times over the years I have come to my training session stressed and depressed and I always leave feeling a whole lot better after venting and a good workout!  When I am really in a terrible mood and my wife can’t stand me she will say, “Go see Dennet.” Working out has become a very important part of my life that is often the highlight of my day and in all the years I have known Dennet he has never disappointed. He is positive, motivating, supportive and always trying to mix things up so it never gets old. I feel fortunate to have met Dennet and greatly appreciate the positive influence he has had on my life. Dennet is a good friend and an excellent trainer!! What more can I say?


Dennet Lee is a marvellous trainer that I have been going to for the past five years. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, very enthusiastic but also very careful. He has so much faith in his client’s potential success that his enthusiasm is contagious.


From my own experience I have learned that working out with a good personal trainer will maximize your workouts and therefore achieve the results you are looking for.

I have been training with Dennet for the past two years. I am considered fairly new in the gym. Most of Dennet clients have been with him over 10 years!!

I can write all about how professional, inspiring and motivating Dennet is or how much fun while physically challenging the workouts are but I rather tell you that in person. So please don’t hesitate to call me @ 604-780-3600 for in person testimonial.


Dennet inspired me to be my best personal self. He is so passionate about what he does that it inevitably rubs off on the people he trains. He lives and breathes fitness! After training with him I decided to become a personal trainer myself. Thanks for helping me find confidence, energy and the drive to take on new challenges!

Mr. X

I have been training with Dennet for a few years now, and its one of the smartest decisions Ive ever made. He has helped me get into the best physical shape of my life. Dennet’s positive energy, and charisma keep me highly motivated through every workout, and I learn something new everytime! Not only has my body been completely transformed, but i can say ive gained a new level of work ethic, confidence, and a stronger mindset that I take with me, in or outside the gym, thanks to dennet! – Mr.X


My knee’s were giving me problems before I started training. Within a month they felt much better as did everything else.   I  then took some time off and the pain in my knees returned as did a few inches around my waist.  Now I am back.  🙂


I am not your “average” personal training client. I have always been an athlete and fitness and nutrition has always played an enormous role in my life. I played competitive sports at the Provincial/National level in my youth and still remain competitive today. I came to Dennet @ Revelations Studio because I had seen him train clients and heard about him through friends and other trainers. As a personal trainer myself, I didn’t need someone to show me how to perform exercises or to school me on diet/nutrition. What I wanted was someone who could push me outside of my comfort zone and to help me achieve beyond my personal best. I don’t lack motivation, and have never had a problem committing to getting in a work out. However, there is a huge difference that show in results from simply showing up and going through the motions of a stagnant routine than to have an amazing trainer push you to extremes and achieve strength and atheistic gains thought impossible. Dennet is a positive, charismatic, energetic and genuine professional. He maintains a wonderful balance of friendship and professional etiquette. He truly cares about each and every client and knows how to reach each of us and our unique needs and quirks. Dennet would come up with new and exciting exercises and encourage me to push myself a little harder each session.

Whether in a group setting or one on one, my sessions were always fun, challenging, fast paced and most importantly made me feel strong and good about myself. Dennet helped me to achieve a high level of fitness and strength that fit with my insanely busy schedule. As a single mom of an active 11 year old boy who plays competitive sports 7 days a week, working full time as an Investment Specialist, managing 2 soccer teams, and sitting on the BC Cancer Agency board and the Ronald McDonald House Volunteer Committee…Fitness has to be a priority and Dennet helped to make this work for me. In the summer of 2010, I suffered blood poisoning from a waterskiing injury..this resulted in multi-organ failure (lungs/kidneys/liver all shut down), a heart attack and the possibility of a foot amputation…at the age of 32. The survival rate was less than 10%. Due to the fitness and healthy level I was at, my recovery was fast and amazed all of my doctors. I spent over a month in the hospital, but was back to work and gym in 6 weeks. My training has modified as I do have some permanent damage to my heart and lungs. However, I still have my feet, my will and most of all my motivation. I owe a lot to Dennet and value his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for fitness. I appreciate his friendship and his professionalism and would recommend him to anyone at any age or fitness level. His passion for Life, health and happiness shows in his character and his clients.


Ive trained with Dennet for almost a year now. He’s a pleasure to work with and knows when to push and encourage. the results ive achieved to date are largely due to his combination of diverse training methods. he makes each workout challenging, creative, and most importantly, fun. definitely a trainer i would recommend to friends and family.


Say the word “workout” and what series of excuses does one hear? “I don’t have time”, “It’s too hard”, “I can’t do it”, “I’m too tired”. I remember some of the things Dennet taught us. You can find time if you make time. Even one hour a week is better than none. Working out is never easy, but take your time and go at your own pace and if you find it too easy, then make an adjustment. It is not about your age or about competition. Your competitor is yourself.

When I first started working out, Dennet made it fun and unpredictable. I couldn’t wait to go to the gym as each new session made me wonder what new exercises we were going to learn and what muscles we were going to discover next. I was definitely sore a couple days after each session but it was good pain. After several months, I was able to comfortably wear some of the clothes that were beginning to feel tight.

I’m approaching my four year anniversary now and poor Dennet sometimes still hears my complaints of “I can’t do this” or “this is too hard”, but in exchange, through his encouraging and motivating words, he has given me definition in my arms and better core strength.

I still have yet to discipline myself with better eating habits, but I hate to think where I’d be now, without his support, had I quit or never even worked out at all.


Half a Century and Fat

Four years ago, this month, my wife and I started down a common path together.  We were engaged, and determined to look good for our wedding photos.   We only had about a year and a half to fit into the wedding gown and tuxedo.  We both “thought” we knew just as much as anyone else about food, diet and exercise.   My medical doctor said that my health was getting worse with high cholesterol and pre-diabetes.   My chiropractor said my back problems were due to weak abdominals.  I had no clue where to begin at 175 pounds.

The image that I saw in the mirror did not reflect the true ideal of who I really wanted to be.  I decided to change and I needed help to do it if I wanted a long and heathy lifespan.   My wife asked Dennet to coach us at the studio.

I had never felt comfortable in a gym before.  I didn’t enjoy working out with strangers.  It was intimidating not knowing what or how to do anything, especially with the mirrored reflections of all those muscular men and women in their tight fitness gear!  I was fortunate to have my wife- to-be share my pain as my gym buddy.

I wasn’t in bad shape, but I re-learned about humility sooner than I wanted when a much younger individual did more reps at an exercise faster and with MUCH better form than I could.  They made it look SO easy.  Needless to say, I was a tad jealous.  I made a comment that they were younger.  That’s why they were better than me.  Dennet quickly dispelled my excuse later by having us work out with another client who was older than me.  Well, that person ALSO, kicked my butt doing more reps and had even better form and flexibility than the initial younger person.  What was my excuse now?  Exercising was easier once I lost my ego and started doing workouts for myself.

Oh, did I forget to say that it ALWAYS hurt two days after a good workout?   Doesn’t matter, it does, and you will be constantly reminded (if you really do give it your all) each and every time you start a new exercise or re-visit one you haven’t done for a while.  The aches actually subside a bit once you repeat the exercise, but it still requires all your effort.  It’s really reassuring to have a trainer, like Dennet, care enough to help you achieve your goals and encourage you to push harder and get better.  Setbacks such as injuries at work or play and even illnesses are taught to be a normal course of events in life and he’ll easily modify a session to help speed your recovery.  He adjusted my meal plans a little at a time until I hit a low weight of 145 pounds and I am now stable about 150.  He can combine multiple exercises so that you are more efficient in your workout.

I can’t describe how emotional it is to have a dozen co-workers or friends compliment how much better you look from before.  They may notice a change on your outsides, but the truth is how much better you feel on the inside, that makes you wanting more.   You will learn about the hard work, how takes time, and not always easy, but Dennet can help you towards reaching your objective and will make it fun, and if you’re lucky, he might share a funny story with you while you sweat it out.

That’s discipline.  That’s results.


I have been working out with Dennet for over two years now.  When I first started seeing him, my fitness goal was to increase muscle strength and tone.  The results I have achieved have more than exceeded my expectations.  With his dedication and commitment to his clients I have no hesitation with giving Dennet the highest possible recommendation possible.


Dennet Lee is simply a personal trainer that offers services and motivation that go far beyond a general exercise program. The exercise and weight management program was based on my personal goals. He motivated us to go further and provided feedback if improvement was needed. I used to dread going to the gym but as soon as I started going to Dennet, the workout became fun and exciting…and that itself is a big accomplishment.

Sylvia V.

If you like the best, you’ve found it. Every time I leave here I feel so accomplished. The workouts are highly effective and efficient. The one-on-one training is amazing with the most valuable verbal and tactile cues to achieve good form and symmetry. The group training is just as good with an intimate synergy of strive and growth. I’ve tried it all from New York’s best Brazilian Butt Lift to LA’s acclaimed Barry’s Boot Camp and Bar Method. Dennet Lee tops it all. Every time you leave a training session you will feel so empowered and far more independent with your own individual workouts.

I don’t live in Vancouver/Delta anymore but every time I visit I train at Revelations. I have come in with an extra 20 lbs, fallen off the wagon, even just upset about life in general. Every time I have been totally encouraged and motivated. Dennet will literally dust you off and send you back out into the world again. The lifestyle he promotes is simple – no calorie counting (I love that). Whether you’re looking to start up a new program or fine tune your great results already, this is it. Literally one of my favorite places in the whole world.


I have worked with a few trainers over the years and Dennet is the only one that I have followed to the other side of town, and 30minutes out of my way to stay with!

His commitment to his clients is second to none. He works with you – or against you if necessary to get you to your goals. I HATE WORKING OUT..but Dennet keeps it interesting, is a great motivator. Combined with a great sense of humor can’t go wrong, I have and would continue to recommend Dennet as a personal trainer.


I have been going to the studio for over 5 years now. I started with Dennet about 4 years ago and have never felt better! I am 69 years of age and feel like I am at least 45! Dennet is extremely well educated in the art of personal training and is an excellent trainer. He amazes me with what he manages to get one to do. The workouts are always fun and never to the point of one not wanting to return to the studio. You would be privileged to have Dennet as your personal trainer. He is the one of the best in his field!


I have been strength & weight training now for over 14 years. I’ve competed at both the University and National level with the help of world class trainers and fitness experts alike. None of them ever pushed me to reach new levels like Dennet has. He has the ability to take what you already know and educated you in what you don’t. One of the greatest things about Dennet is he is not only a trainer but a teacher as well. His wealth of kinesthetic knowledge is second to none. Dennet provides a fun, safe and competitive environment that tailors to all different fitness goals. Whether you’re a hardcore lifter, a cardio guru or just looking to get back in the game this is your guy.


I love working out at Dennet’s studio!  Who notices the challenging workout when the hour is spent with awesome friends I’ve met and lots of laughter.  I have known Dennet for over ten years and he is consistently professional and dedicated to his clients.


Dennet is great. Your abs will hurt, so will your butt.  I felt stronger quickly and the environment Dennet creates to train in is one that is friendly and welcoming from the time you walk in the door.  You should check him out. Not only is he a great trainer, but he is a great friend too.


I was recommended to Dennet by my massage therapist. I knew what I wanted to do but needed someone to point me in the right direction. While working with Dennet I found him to be very motivating and very knowledgable when it comes to personal training and nutrition. I spend an hour with him a few times a week. The time goes by quickly as the exercises he has me do are perfect for my fitness level. I strongly recommend Dennet if you are looking for personal trainer. He has a friendly laid back approach that I find refreshing. It’s not intimidating when you go to his gym and the other staff and clients are incredibly friendly.

A definite must try.


Dennet Lee’s passion for helping clients realize and achieve their potential is unsurpassed.   I observed several trainers at the gym where I was a member, and was immediately impressed with Dennet’s training style and the results that his clients were achieving.

When I first became a client, I was amazed at what he could inspire me to do!   He challenged every component of my fitness in fun and sometimes torturous ways.  He knew what I could handle and was able to safely push me way beyond my self-imposed limits.

Almost immediately, I experienced improvements in my cardiorespiratory and muscular capacities, as well as my balance, coordination, flexibility, speed and power.   I am an analytical and questioning person.   Dennet would always answer my inquiries with the ideal combination of expertise, patience and humour, as well as the occasional dose of what I now refer to as “Dennet wisdom”.

Nobody can pack as much into a half-hour or one-hour session as Dennet.  He is 100% focused on whoever he is training.  His clients always receive every ounce of his incredible energy.   Dennet embodies everything I now expect in any personal trainer.  He is disciplined, knowledgeable, supportive, enthusiastic, innovative, trustworthy, patient, and more!

My husband and I re-located to the Okanagan and it’s been a while since we’ve trained with Dennet.   We continue to use much of what we learned with him.   And I still hear his voice when I press the incline button on the treadmill!

Thank you, Dennet!  Keep changing lives!


The Easiest Part of my day. I’m always telling people that training with Dennet Lee is as easy as it gets. Why? Because on a day when you have low energy he bumps you up with his enthusiasm, on an up day he inspires you to push to greater heights. Even with a full roster of clients that run the gambit of elite athletes to fitness conscious seniors, Dennet make you feel like he is giving you all his energy for the day. A tireless worker, he pours his energy into you realizing your potential, striving to reach your goals & then push on further than you thought you ever would have. I arrived at Dennet’s as a competitive athlete & 7-8 years later after training with him non-stop I still see improvement & results. After years of ongoing sports training under world class coaches & instructors, Dennet stands with the best. With an understanding of healthy body movement, personal motivation & a great sense of humour, he makes each visit a pleasure & inspiration. Why is the easiest part of my day? I arrive, do as I’m told & achieve success with every visit. I’ve brought friends, family & co-workers to Dennet & always with the comfort of knowing he can improve their life as he has mine.
Have a great day, Todd


I used to get sand kicked in my face, then I met to Dennet and had a revelation! I now am the one kicking sand at others. Life is so much better now.


I have trained with several personal trainers and found that Dennet was the most encouraging and experienced I have worked it. He challenges me past what I thought was my potential and proves to me that I am capable of so much more! Thanks Dennet!