First of all, thank you for following this *exciting* trilogy. (If you’ve missed part 1 and part 2, please go back to discover the diets that I have tried which worked or failed for me)
Disclaimer: Because of the volume of diets that are out there, I had to split my food journey into three parts for easier and lighter reading.
Ok, this is the last part, I swear!
I am a hypochondriac. I will literally visit dr. google and diagnose myself with all these problems. Before I went to see the naturopath, I blamed all of my general lack of energy and digestive distress to GLUTEN! This was also during the time everyone thought gluten was a product of the devil. After my testing, I was actually not sensitive to gluten, instead I just had a poor digestive system and crazy hormones that put me out of place.
Gluten is found in wheat products and is pretty much in a ton of processed foods and things like bread or pasta. So I avoided it like the plague and bought only certified gluten free products that are usually found in the health/special aisle.
Overall Thoughts: Unless you are a celiac or have been diagnosed with a sensitivity, you don’t need to cut it out of your life completely. I do see a benefit of having reduced gluten and choosing a gluten free option whenever you can. Otherwise, gluten is not going to kill you.
Did I find any success?: YES! Because I limited myself to not eating gluten, I ended up not eating a lot of processed or outside foods. I had a lot of salads and focused more on meat and vegetables to keep me full.
This was something I’ve wanted to try since I was 14 years old, but I never ended up doing because my family doctor told me it was the unhealthiest thing. (HE WAS SO WRONG.)
After researching and trying all the diets in parts 1 and 2, I actually was terrified of getting fat from all the carbs in a vegetarian diet. BUT, I was also super sick of not having any solid results, so I finally took the plunge last summer and I haven’t looked back since! I opted to keep eggs and dairy into my diet because it was the only way I understood how to get protein into my diet.
Overall Thoughts: This was the best decision I have ever made. It turns out that my body responds to carbs much better than fat. Another thing was that I don’t digest animal protein and products well at all.
Did I find any success?: 10000% – This is by far the best I’ve ever felt and the most consistent I’ve stayed in my life.
OK. We are at my final stage- I was worried that I wasn’t getting enough protein so I had to reintroduce some meat back into my life. I settled with fish because sushi is delicious and I also cannot stomach the thought of eating chicken or beef again.
This is probably what I most believe in. There should never be any rules to eating. Focus more effort into eating vegetarian meals but also eat meat when you need to. Your body knows what is best for you.
Overall Thoughts: This is probably the best balance of making sure you get all the nutrients naturally.
Did I find any success?: Absolutely. It opens me up to a ton of restaurants I can enjoy and I can satisfy most cravings!
My final conclusion is that so far I am veggie focused and I try my best to maintain a 12 hour fast. I get to enjoy everything that I like and I don’t need to cut out any carbs to see results.
However, my journey is not over yet! I will be spending some time testing out the elimination diet and going vegan. I am super excited to try these out and I hope that you find enjoyment in finding out what is best for you.
Until next time,
– Clara Coelho, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond
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