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Setting the stage for your ultimate goal – Tips from Best Personal Trainers

By September 29, 2018April 8th, 2024No Comments

In life we all have dreams and goals we wish to accomplish. Whether they are big or small goals, we actively work towards them with the end in mind. (If you don’t have life goals, you have something to think about before reading this article). This article will give you a good foundation to keep you on target towards your ultimate goal.

1.) Write a vision statement.

Take your goal and physically write it down on paper. Condense it to something short and concise. The purpose of the vision statement is so you can physically see it in writing and it prints an image in your brain. You will also need to read this vision statement consistently. How consistent? Whatever it takes for that vision to stick in your brain. If we take losing weight for an example, say 20 pounds. We can take this goal and write a vision statement such as “I want to lose 20 pounds before summer time”. Read this out loud to yourself to keep yourself on track and accountable for your goals. Personal trainers in Richmond are able to make this vision statement into reality.

2.)  Tell others about your goal.

Your friends, family or co-workers are perfect people for you to share your goals. The more people you tell, the more accountable you are to them with regards to reaching your goal. Even if you don’t reach your goal in the end, you are able to tell them you made progress. Let’s take our same example from above. The next time you see a family member; tell them you plan to lose 20 pounds to build a sexy beach body. Let them know so they can give you additional support and motivation. Personal trainers in Richmond are your extra guns for motivation to make this goal happen.

3.) Break up your goal into smaller goals.

Sometimes one big vision statement can be overwhelming and can be tough to consistently find motivation. For example, “end homelessness in Greater Vancouver” can be difficult to stay inspired. Perhaps taking steps towards that goal will help such as begin with volunteering at a shelter. With the same example above, we can break up our big goal into smaller goals. For an example, lose 5 pounds per month. This way, it is easier to stay on track on a monthly basis and is easier to track results.

If you are in search for a top notch personal trainer in Richmond to keep you accountable, make sure to reach out. Get out there and get on it!