hi I’m Dennis I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I’ll help you start a new fitness
routine so you can keep it up for the
rest of your life so have you started
Jen have you started yet it’s time to
start no need to wait there is no
perfect time you’ve been waiting for a
perfect time long enough and there’s no
such thing and even if it did come
something will come up just grew up with
your perfect schedule and then you’ll
end up quitting again we don’t want
perfection perfection is an illusion and
perfection is actually perfect just
procrastination that’s all it is
so either you’re procrastinating because
of perfection or you’re lying to
yourself because it doesn’t exist now
what do we talk about today the most
important thing self-discipline self
confidence self confidence is the base
of all success if you don’t believe in
yourself right that’s over right you’ve
got to believe in yourself and now
people ask me well how do you get
confidence everybody wants confidence
right how do you feel about yourself
everybody wants confidence and they ask
well how do you get it and then they
think it’s about I think they think it’s
about how much money you have or what
your body looks like or the admiration
of others goes those have nothing to
with confidence right if that was the
case every person with money would have
confidence which we know is not the case
every person who is young should have
confidence but we know that’s not the
everyone who’s healthy and fit should
have confidence but that’s not the case
right that’s not the case it has to come
from inside how you view yourself now a
lot of people don’t give it much time to
think about it but it’s actually quite
simple it’s actually quite simple if
self-confidence the confidence is about
how you feel about yourself it all comes
down to very simply the relationship you
have with your self do you keep your
word to yourself right do you trust
yourself and that is why taking
shortcuts works against you we do not
want shortcuts right imagine if your
family your
your chip imagine of your spouse your
best friend your partner your employer
your employees imagine all the people in
your life took shortcuts on you imagine
if they tried taking shortcuts on on
their relationships with you how would
you feel about them do you trust them
you would not trust anybody who tries to
take shortcuts on you on on you so when
you try to take shortcuts with yourself
on yourself with anything you actually
don’t end up trusting yourself
subconsciously now really think of what
I’m saying here right you you cannot get
away from what you are doing you know
exactly what you’re doing on a conscious
subconscious level so anytime you look
for shortcuts you’re basically telling
yourself that you don’t trust yourself
and then when it comes down to doing
what you need to do you have no faith in
yourself you have no trust in yourself
and that’s why we start tripping over
our own feet right because a lot of
people ask like why do i self-sabotage
why do you self-sabotage it’s because
you don’t have confidence in yourself
because you’re trying to look for
shortcuts it has nothing to do with
perfection again now this is worth
tricky because I think again we get
confused sometimes with what these
things mean when we say not taking
shortcuts all we’re saying is to do
things in the right order and to be
patient it is not about not making a
single mistake right following
instructions and not making a mistake
are two separate things you can follow
instructions in the right order in a
timely fashion and make mistakes that is
fine what we do not want to do is aim
for perfection because that makes us not
even want to start or if we do one
little mistake we go all the way to back
step one that’s not what we want either
what we want to do is not aim for
perfection right we want to just follow
instructions and keep the word ourselves
so if you say you’re gonna do something
then you just do it it does not have to
be perfect right if you say you’re going
to go to the gym then I just go to the
gym it does not mean my workout has to
be perfect all it means is I kept my
word to myself because the more you keep
your word to yourself the more
self-confidence you have now one more
thing about shortcuts right you have to
realize you
there’s no shortcut to a gold medal
right people who take shortcuts they
don’t even end up at the Olympics they
don’t even end up trying out for the
team right they don’t even end up making
it they trying out for the team there
are no shortcuts to the gold medal and
the gold medal is not about perfection
again right it’s not always about
perfection it’s just about doing what
you say you’re going to do now here’s
one more thing I’m gonna leave you with
before we end you have a choice if you
tell yourself you’re going to do
something then just flat-out do it when
you say you’re gonna do it second thing
if not then don’t say you’re gonna do it
you don’t have to do it but the worst
thing to do is to say you’re going to do
when you’re going to do it and not do it
every time you do that your confidence
drops every time you do not keep your
word to yourself your confidence drops
you do you end up believing yourself
less again just imagine you are another
person and every time they told you that
they’re gonna do something they didn’t
do it every time they try to take a
shortcut with you every time they said
when they’re gonna meet you they weren’t
there what would your relationship be
with that person eventually that’s what
ends up happening with ourselves so if
you need help starting click the link
and we’ll help get you started
help build your confidence up if you
need help continuing the same thing
click the link I will get you going and
that is why working out everyday so
important if you say you’re going to
work out everyday and you show up every
day and it doesn’t have to be a perfect
workout you just have to show up if you
just show up and do what you’re gonna
say you’re gonna do when you say you’re
gonna say it every time you’re building
confidence imagine what that will add up
to over a short year right your
confidence will be astronomical compared
to where it is now and it has nothing to
do with the physical transformation
which you will also get that’s just the
bonus right that’s just the bonus okay
that’s it I’m out

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