hi there my name is Dennet and I’m the
perpetual fitness expert, I help people
start a new fitness routine and keep it
up for a lifetime.
so what is it today?
I’m gonna talk about something very
important, something that a lot of people
don’t understand which is why they have
trouble achieving their goals
the key is what are we focusing on? what is the
notice I said “Priority”.
if you look at the origin of the word it was
priority, and then we turned it into
priorities, plural.
how can we have more
than one thing?  Number one that
doesn’t even make any sense.
how can you have 20 priorities? no wonder
you can’t get anything done because you
got too many of them!
priority is singular.  one thing.
one thing has to be above everything else and if you do that
that is how you get it done.
so what is the number on priority?
number one priority depends on what you’re focusing
on, and most people are focusing on
and what do I mean by everything?
most people are focusing on
everything meaning they’re focusing on
money, material objects, luxuries, purses,
cars, clothing, you name it.
those things are nothing!
you think it’s everything.
but it’s nothing.
and when you focus the priority on everything
which is actually nothing
that’s what you get,  you get nothing.
if you don’t have what you want
it’s because you’re focusing on nothing
so what should you be focusing on?
what is the priority?
the priority is the REAL everything: Yourself
you are everything
if you focus on the real everything, then
you can have anything.
and that’s why most people can’t get it.
they’re looking in the wrong spot, they’re looking
everywhere else and can’t get it.
you got the keys in your pocket and
you’re going all around your house
looking for the keys they’re on you
you looking in the wrong spot! so what am I
telling you here? focus on the main
priority, “yourself”
and if you focus on
yourself then money, material objects,
houses, cars, you can have all of that!
because you took care of yourself you
took care of your mental health, your
physical health, keep finding ways to
improve your skills, or your mental
knowledge, or your health.
make yourself feel better when you do that then you
can have everything else
because you already focused on the main priority.
so if that resonated with you
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I know that was a deep one but I think we need to do
so I’m out
Dennet Lee is the owner of Crux Fitness, the top rated personal training studio in Richmond, Surrey

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