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Personal Training Tip: Don’t Focus On the Scale

By April 25, 2018August 21st, 2018No Comments

As the owner of a highly successful personal training company and being a personal trainer for the past 7years, Crux Fitness in Richmond, Surrey and Langley have helped over one thousand people transform their lives.  And the one common thread that I see with all of our most successful clients is this:

They don’t stare at the numbers

Yes, they are not hopping on to the scale twice a day, letting those couple pounds of normal daily fluctuation mess with their emotions.

Way too often, we rely on seeing that one lb drop on the scale to motivate us to keep up with the tough road ahead. Because changing your lifestyle is difficult! Of course we would be grasping at any sign of losing that weight in order to convince us that it is worth it.

But if you rely on seeing that 1 lb drop to make you happy, then the opposite is also true. Even a 1 lb gain on the scale becomes pure devastation.

A single lb increase on the scale would spawn off thoughts such as:

I knew it! Of course this wouldn’t work for me! Why even bother!

Stop messing with yourself!

The scale sucks

After using our personal training programs to help hundreds of men and women to transform their bodies, I learned this:

To achieve your body transformation goals, you must learn to understand what small, yet meaningful, progress feels like.

You need to learn how to track them. You need to learn how to point them out to yourself.

So here are 5 WAY better indicators of your weightloss success.

  • You Feel Satisfied After a meal:

When you are always on a diet, you feel hungry and deprived all the time and you eventually start binging. Or if you are eating lot’s of processed food, the chemical components disrupts the “fullness” signal that our gut send to our brain, and you end up feeling bloated and stuffed, yet not satisfied.

Feeling real satisfaction after a meal means that you are making better food choices, and also eating just the right amount for your needs.

  • You Have More Energy:

Wanting to have more energy is one of the most common goals that I hear from my clients. They can’t seem to remember the last time that they don’t feel exhausted. Getting out of bed is always a struggle. By around 2PM, they are looking forward to that caffein kick to help them through the afternoon slump. By the time they get home, they are crashing in front of the TV in their recliner.

All their passion, dreams, and goals literally squeezed out of them.

BUT once you start exercising regularly AND making sure you have enough vitamins and minerals in your diet, all of a sudden you are waking up ready to tackle the day ahead. You don’t need that coffee in the afternoon. You are not constantly complaining to your co-workers on how slow the clock seems to be moving. Once you get home, you find yourself having more patience with the kids, maybe even taking them to the playground!

A good personal training plan will do that for you!

  • Your Clothe Feels Just a Little Looser

Today is the day that you reached all the way back to the end of your closet and take out that pair of designer jeans that you bought. Even though it did not fit you what-so-ever at the time of purchase. But how can you not? It was on sale!

But today….it fits! Not just squeeze-it-in-button-bursting fit. But it just….fits!

A plan that is working will do that. Because muscle is denser than fat. Sometimes even when the number on the scale is not dropping, you are STILL burning that body fat and losing inches like crazy. But because you are putting on lean and sexy muscle, sometimes you might even get heavier BUT losing inches in all the right areas.

That is why you must use a tape measure to track your girth.

  • You Are Stronger

Maybe you started out barely doing a single pushup, always feeling extremely sore after a workout. But now, you are feeling more UMMFFF during your workouts. You are reaching for those heavier weights. You are doing way more repetitions of the exercises than when you first started.

Who knows, maybe you are now confident enough in your own strength and trying all sort of physical activities that you were too afraid to try in the past! Rockclimbing? Martial arts? Water skiing?

The sky is the limit!

  • It Feels Like a LIFESTYLE and Not a Diet

“diets” feels like a chore. It is something that you don’t want to do, but forcing yourself to do because you think it is the only way. You are always feeling like you are “THIS CLOSE” to losing control and letting it all crumble to pieces.

But all of a sudden….it feels easy. It feels like you are just….living! Everything feels normal, everything flows, everything you do is in rhythm. And dare I say….even easy!

Yes, it is possible. And it is the ultimate sign of progress!

Keep looking for those 5 indicators

Keep your mind tuned in and open and be aware of those 5 indicators of progress.

Celebrate every tiny progress that you see, and keep on crushing those mini-goals, no matter how small.

It’s often a lot easier (and always a lot more fun) to work toward your body transformation goal with help from an experienced nutrition coach. If you’ve been trying to make progress for a while, but just aren’t seeing results, consider getting some extra support.

With the right personal training team in your corner, you’ll develop more effective change strategies and be better able to recognize progress markers and maintain the motivation it takes to make it to the finish line.

If you’re looking for guidance, we are currently taking in personal training clients for all three of our locations in: Richmond, Surrey, and Langley.

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