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Personal Training and Wellness Advice from Crux Fitness Richmond – Principles of Physical Fitness, Part 3

By November 26, 2018April 8th, 2024No Comments

Periodization is the principle of physical fitness that describes how your training program must always
be varied in intensity, volume, and duration. In the short-term, and especially for novice trainees, doing
the exact same workout every day may improve fitness. However, as weeks go on the trainee will
inevitably experience boredom, overuse injury, and ultimately stagnation. The principle of periodization
encourages variation; some workouts need to be long, some short. Some workouts need to involve
resistance training, others don’t. Most workouts need to be moderately difficult, and only a few need to
be blisteringly hard. This will ensure that your body stays healthy, your mind stays sharp, and all aspects
of your fitness (e.g. body composition or fat loss, cardio, strength, flexibility) improve together.

The variation must not be random though. A very basic example of this would be to randomly program
2 weeks’ worth of pressing-focused workouts, followed by 2 weeks’ worth of bodyweight-focused
workouts with no resistance band work. Inevitably, due to the poorly thought out month of training,
muscles on the anterior side of the upper body would become hypertonic and mechanically tight, and
shoulder pain and injury would arise. At Crux Fitness Gyms in Richmond BC, our trainers strive to intelligently
design your workouts weeks, or even months in advance in order to bring up all aspects of your fitness
while reducing chronic pain and improving energy levels. Periodization: mix it up to maximize your

Pat Koo – Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond