How to lose weight, lose fat, and get a flat stomach? The best way is to ask somebody who has done it! Losing over 100 pounds to be exact…

People are constantly looking for weight loss tips, weight loss diets, weight loss drinks, weight loss motivation etc… But there is really only one real way to do it. That is by changing your behaviour.

This sounds simple, but it is not easy. Crux Fitness ( personal trainer, Gage, lost over 100 lbs by adapting fitness as his lifestyle. And along the way, started making better and healthier eating choices.

You see, dieting doesn’t work. You have to eat in a sensible way that is sustainable. After all, a “diet” implies that you are only doing it for the short term. When only a complete lifestyle change can create the permanent weight loss, fat loss and body transformation results that most people are looking for.

Through his weight loss journey, Gage has discovered simple yet practical ways to create healthy and tasty meals that has helped him stay on track and eventually losing over 100 lbs.

Forget diet plans, diet hacks. Instead, start making simple yet powerful habit changes, one at a time.

Gage shares one of his favourite meals that has helped him lose over 100 lbs.

Gage then shares one quick tip on how to overcome the excuse of “I am too busy.” “I don’t have time.”

The key to success to weight loss and body transformation is that you have to change the story that you tell yourself.

When you eat to feel and perform better, your body and your brain adapts appropriately to burn fat, and build lean, strong, tight and toned muscle.

The more muscle you can build, the more weight loss, fat loss results you will see.


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