alright I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual
fitness expert I help you start a new
fitness routine and keep it up for the
rest of your life so today I’m gonna
talk to my friends who haven’t started
yet as I’m always talking to them I
guess talking to my friends who haven’t
started yet and talking to my friends
who have trouble continuing so usually
it comes down to two things in my
experience come down a few things people
have trouble starting and or continuing
for the same two reasons number one fear
fear / intimidation is one and the other
one is perfection now this work is
interesting people aim for perfection
and they try to avoid fear but again
like I always say everything’s backwards
it’s the other way around
fear is necessary we want to avoid
perfection you want to avoid perfection
perfection is not an asset perfection is
liability because it doesn’t exist we
are imperfect beings and we live in an
imperfect world so if we wait for a
perfect situation to start guess what
we never start I’m oh I gotta start on a
I gotta start at the beginning of a
season I gotta start on the first of a
month I’ve got to make sure my schedule
is clean I gotta make sure I got no
other obligations I got to make sure my
kids are taken care of
I got to make sure my wife’s take care I
got to make sure I got no extra
obligations at work my gosh it’s done no
wonder we can’t start and if we do find
the time to start some of you have come
trouble continuing because something
screws up their perfect schedule
something always will so that’s why
we’re I’m saying we don’t want to aim
for perfection we do not want to seek
perfection perfection is a liability we
want to avoid perfection get that out of
our heads right so many people aim for
that and that they don’t realize that is
what is getting in the way of starting
and continuing and then fear they try to
avoid the fear fear is unavoidable fear
is a part of life fear has to be
expected because again we all have it
and there’s nothing wrong with that we
have to embrace it right it’s necessary
it is necessary so change the frame of
we want we want fear we want to run
towards beer we want fear as an asset
and it is perfectionist liability so
when it comes to I already wanted with
an example of perfection with why people
have trouble continuing or starting
because they want a perfect scenario or
they want a perfect scenario situation
or they want a perfect schedule very
unlikely that will ever happen and the
rare instance that it does it won’t
so already without expectations we
already done right we’re defeated I
should defeat it’s ok you know why
because when you work out when you do
anything in life right we will encounter
many defeats but as long as we never
give up we are never defeated ok we will
encounter many defeats but we will never
be defeated not until our life is over
it’s done we’re never done just keep
going so back to what was I talking
ok now the fear thing intimidation I
always feel for myself this is what I
think here comes down because this is
how I felt in the past if it feels like
you’ve been invited to a party at a
place that you’ve never been to before
completely unfamiliar you don’t know any
of any of the other guests there and you
don’t even know the host right and in
your mind you’re thinking everyone at
that party this is super young and more
beautiful healthier fitter richer more
vibrant beautiful sexy than you are
right I don’t want to go to that party I
don’t want to go to that party I don’t
think most people would want to go to
that kind of party right and I’m here to
reassure you that’s not how it is
that’s not how it is most people at most
gyms they’re just regular people like
you and what I’m gonna say is the
solution is this number one for the
perfection right if you are not starting
or continuing because of perfection let
it go
right we don’t want perfection because
it doesn’t exist it’s from that it’s a
liability right once you change that
it’s easy and as for the fear you need
to find a place where you feel
comfortable so you have to overcome the
initial fear which is necessary of
showing up the first time of showing up
the first time and after you show up
if the if the host of the new fitness
facility you’re going to make you feel
comfortable if the environment makes you
feel comfortable and if the other people
there make you feel comfortable that is
the place you want to be in if you are
uncomfortable at a place after I’d say
give every place about two weeks if
after two weeks you don’t feel any more
comfortable you need to find another
place but you got to give a place more
than one try go to a place for at least
two weeks at least three times go there
and see how you feel if you start to
feel more welcomed after three times
that’s the place you need to go that’s
the place where they’re gonna make you
feel you belong because once you feel
you belong now you can continue to
workout for a lifetime and they will
make you feel welcome they become your
friends and this is another something I
very strongly advocate right something
that’s something I really endorse people
quick gyms all the time people quit gyms
every day but people don’t quit their
friends people don’t quit their friends
so find a place where they become
friendly where they speak where they sit
where they initiate being friendly and
they become your friends so if you have
trouble starting and or continuing click
the link below I know a place where we
can send you to that’s very welcoming
where everyone there it’s like going to
Ikea or the mall or walking down the
street just regular people like you of
all walks of life all body shapes all
both genders every SSE every generation
you can imagine and once you see that
they’re regular people like you then
you’re on your way so again click the
link if you need help getting started or
click the link if you need help
continuing ok that’s it I am Out